Tips to get Google Adsense Approval Easy

In this post you will learn how to get Google Adsense Approval easy. Although there is no rocket science or any trick to get Google Adsense Non-hosted Account approved. You might think that getting Google Adsense Approval is a difficult task but by following proper Google Adsense Approval guidelines you can get easily approved.

Tips to get Google Adsense Approval

So, here in this post you will learn all guidelines that are required for Google Adsense Approval.

  1. Content
  2. Domain Age
  3. Blog Navigation and Design
  4. Important Pages on your Blog
  5. Visitors
  6. Prohibited Content
  7. Third Party Ads
  8. EU Cookie Policy

Impact of Content in Google Adsense Approval

How content has an impact in Approval of Google Adsense?

Write a content in such a way that it is 100% unique and Plagiarism passed because Google gives a lot of value whose article are well written. To check that your content is Unique and Plagiarism passed check out this best tool for Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools.

You must have written a high quality article. As Google pay more value to a site where publisher post good quality articles. I have already discussed on how to write a high quality SEO Optimized Post.

Google adsense approval is also related to the number of post on your blog. So for this you must have at least 20-30 post with minimum of 700+ words.

Domain Age

Some resources claim that domain age is a matter in Google Adsense Approval, but according to my point of view this do not matters, as i have seen people who have applied for Adsense and get approved with in one month.

Here when we are talking about domain it actually refers to Top level domain i.e. .com, .net, .org etc.

Blog Navigation and Design

When it comes to Blog Navigation and designs we refer to the user friendly as well as mobile friendly template. This makes your Google Adsense Approval more easy. Blog navigation is that when user  visit your site, the user can easily scroll to your site, the user can easily understand where the links are placed and then user can easily navigate across your site. As of March 2015, Google is now focusing on the sites that are Mobile friendly too. To test whether your site is mobile friendly or not Google has developed the Mobile Friendly Checker tool.

When designing your blog or selecting the template for your blog, you must consider that your template has light colours and have sober design. As most simple template is more user friendly in sense that user can easily understand where to navigate through your blog.

Important Pages on your Blog for Google Adsense Approval

Guidelines for Google Adsense Approval are getting strict day by day. So, now the site must have the following pages before applying for approval of Google adsense.

  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contact Page

About Us page must reflect your proper information about your site. But if it’s a blog then the complete information of author must be provided in About Us page.

Privacy policy is usually the important page, as this page shows the what your site content is about and what are hidden things of your blog.

Terms and Conditions for the blog is also necessary because the user must know what are the site terms before accessing your site.

You must be aware of Contact Us page, if your site is professional then you must have this page so that the user can contact you in case of any query.


Driving traffic through paid sources or something else is not recommended in Google Adsense Approval. However the site must have genuine visitors. The huge number of visitors is not the fact in the approval of the Google Adsense. If your site content is healthy you will definitely get good traffic and easy chance of Google Adsense Approval. So to make good revenue from Adsense your site must have enough genuine visitors.

Prohibited Content

Which type of content should be avoided for Google Adsense Approval?

Google Adsense have strict policy on Google Adsense Approval for the prohibited content. Sites with content related to adult content, drug, alcohol or weapons or any copyright stuff, hacking related topics, download or cracking software stuff or any other illegal work are not allowed for Google Adsense Approval.

Third Party Ads

Before applying for Google Adsense Approval you must remove any third party advertisement on your blog. This will also decrease your chance for getting Google Adsense Approval.

EU Cookie Policy

After some changes in European Union Laws, the webmaster should provide the information about the cookies that is being used in the website to the European visitor. So, in order to get Google Adsense Approval easy you must include all the policy that is being used by Adsense and other cookies. You can include your cookie policy either in your Privacy Policy page as i have added or you can create a separate Cookie Policy page and mentioning about all the cookies you are using on your site. To add the information bar that you are using cookies and want to link to your privacy or cookie page you can get the Cookie Consent Code.

In the End

In the end I must say by following Google Adsense Approval Guidelines, you can get easily approved. In case, of any problem you can comment below and I am happy to answer your all questions.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


  1. I had follow all the the instruction as per above mentioned, but still until the second week of my first stage approval, haven’t got the final approval yet.
    What have I missed actually?, Appreciate if you have time to analyze my website
    I am from Indonesia.
    Thank you very much, Usman.

    • Keep Good hope! Did you check your mail? Whether it is still pending to be approved? I have checked, your few articles are very less in words try increasing no of words in each post. Minimum words must be 500.

  2. Hi I am Paul and i am from Philippines, and i want to share this to you. To get approved by google adsense, never forget to use your own language in your first 10 blog post. this is very effective if you are outside of an english country. Why? My blog is a multiniche started in a tagalog language and now with english language and what happen is that i able to get approved by google adsense after 2 weeks only. Just want to share this tip.

  3. Thanks information is very helpful for me
    I follow all your step what you say in this post
    I get my approved AdSense account in 3 week
    Thanks sir


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