Tips to Succeed in Your First Entrepreneurship Year

It’s clear that you want to succeed during your first entrepreneurship year. That’s most entrepreneurs want, even the most patience ones. To increase the chances of success, there are many things to do right and fix about your baby business.

Entrepreneurs will appreciate all the information about how going through the first year of their business successfully. Statistics say that most business ventures last less than a single year. Causes are abundant these days and multiplying with time.

Experts agree that the first year of every business will be the most important. It will create the proper foundations to build the empire you want. Weak foundations can be your doom, even for the starting stages of the company.

Now, let’s review some valuable tips you can use to succeed in your first entrepreneurship year without die trying. You are not alone on this one.

First Entrepreneurship Year
First Entrepreneurship Year

Delegate when it is convenient

If you are a committed entrepreneur, you will find very hard to put an important task in someone else’s hands. Many people are in the same position and, in the end, they could fail because of that.

Trying to make everything by ourselves in our company will significantly reduce our capacities to perform well in the truly crucial tasks. Managing a business is enough work for a worried mind.

If you want to take care of all the processes in your newborn company, the most likely thing to happen is that you are going to fail. You will burnout and, at that point, your business will burn to the ground as well. Outsource the convenient tasks and perform better in the right matters.

Embrace the Simple Life

Living in the comfort zone while building a new business could be risky. If you are already a millionaire, go ahead, you have nothing to fear. But, if you are still part of the common folk regarding money, is better that you accept a simple, more mundane lifestyle for the moment.

Set yourself a little wage and put a lot of hard work. Forget about opulence and luxury for now. Your first entrepreneurship year is not the right time to have the life you want, traveling around the world in your supercar, even if your growing business is reporting massive profits.
In the beginning, profits should be reinvested. Entrepreneurs who choose to have a beautiful, abundant life in the same moment their new companies start to benefit, often fail in the short-term.

Set Clear, Defined Goals

Most people start their first entrepreneurship year with a lot of motivations. Often, they have a crappy journal where all the ideas are written down in an illegible fashion. In this journal you can find things that motivates them, brainstorms for future projects, deep thoughts, and similar things.

But what about defined goals? We are not talking about vague, ambiguous objectives. Your business venture needs a big, visible goal to chase. Without it, your entire company may wander without direction.

As a responsible entrepreneur, you must write down and prepare realistic, defined goals to chase without a break. These goals will be the proper structure for your business strategy. With them, you will be able to design effective ways to succeed.

Commit with Hard Work

Forget about “working smart, working less”. You first entrepreneurship year will need tons of hard work, sacrifices, and tears. If you are truly committed to your new business, you have to do everything at hand to achieve greatness. Create a work ethic for your own. Define what you are capable of sacrificing to give more to your growing company. The more you give, more successful it will be.

Relentless hard work will represent a key factor in the first entrepreneurship year. You can notice this by reading the stories of the already-successful entrepreneurs who didn’t take a break to achieve their goals.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


  1. Great post there are a lot of entrepreneurs becoming day by day success in a few years have become an impossible job. Your post helps set a clear goal and the tips to achieve those goals in order to be a success is amazing. The way you’ve put up your point and directed in becoming successful in the first year is amazing. great work keep it up.


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