Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Never Skip Email Verification

The world of email marketing is changing. More and more businesses are moving away from traditional email marketing strategies and instead relying on automated transactional emails to keep in touch with their customers. Whether you have a small business or medium-sized enterprise; there’s an increasing demand for automated transactional emails to be sent out in order to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing.

However, as emails become ever more critical for businesses, it’s essential that they stay fresh, clean, and deliverable. That can be guaranteed with services like email verification by Experian.

Here are some valid reasons why you should never skip email verification:

1: It Reduces Hard Bounce Rates

A hard bounce is when an email server rejects your emails because they think it’s spam. If you don’t verify your email address, you’re likely to be automatically categorized as spam by email providers and subsequently sent to the junk folder.

High hard bounce rates can lead to delivery delays, negatively impacting your reputation with recipients who view your emails as late or not arriving at all.

It can also cause a lower inbox placement rate, which means that even if the recipient does receive and open up your message, it may not appear in their inbox because of issues such as no real name or other missing information about you (reduced inbox placement rate).

Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Never Skip Email Verification
Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Never Skip Email Verification

2: Better Email Deliverability

The email verification process can significantly improve deliverability and overall engagement with your customers.

It helps businesses to:

  • Reduce spam traps and complaints by implementing an automatic confirmation sequence that makes sure someone wants to receive your emails before they hit their inboxes.
  • Boost inbox placement of your messages to get higher open rates for every message you send out.
  • Deliver more personalized emails by verifying that your subscribers are who they say they are. This information can be used to send them more relevant content.

3: Protect Your Sender’s Reputation 

Email verification is the process of ensuring that an email address is valid and legitimate. This helps you protect your sender’s reputation, which depends on three factors:

  • High deliverability rate: It means your emails reach the inboxes of your subscribers’ personal or business accounts.
  • Low bounce rate: It means few people are marking your emails as spam or bouncing them back to you when they’re undeliverable.
  • Low spam complaint rate: It means fewer users report receiving unwanted messages from you.

Is In-house Email Cleaning enough to keep a new Email Database?

Email verification is critical in keeping your email database clean and up-to-date. It is not a one-and-done process. It requires regular monitoring – which means you need an automated tool that can run on a schedule or, better yet, in real time.

In-house email cleaning solutions are great at keeping the junk out of your inbox but don’t always offer this level of control over your subscriber list. Not hiring professional email verification services could leave you with a stale database full of stale addresses that aren’t worth their weight in gold anymore.

Wrapping Up

A trusted verification company like email verification by Experian is essential to verify email addresses and update email databases for a business. It’s one of the most crucial security measures for protecting your company, employees, and customers.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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