The Top 5 Advertising Industry Trends for 2019

We are now entering in the era which can be considered as one of the most developmentally impactful periods for the advertising industry. As a whole Advertising industry is the backbone of every market. With the introduction of numerous advanced technologies in the industry, advertisement space continues to improve. Technologies such AR/VR is helping online video content to boost the future of the various verticals of different industries.

The power of digital is adding value to the brands and its services by providing actionable data, direct access to target audiences, and opportunities to circulate messages at the right time. Therefore, there is no doubt that the advertising industry is becoming an advanced platform for the small and big industry. Hence, the Advertisement industry is playing the biggest role in shaping businesses throughout the global market.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is again in a trend that has been made in use with the integration of the advanced technologies. Now the time has gone where simple banners and display ads have any place in the industry. Therefore, this trend has created endless opportunities for the advertisers to create an impact on the users.

Rather than serving up some ad agencies, brands are coming up with their marketing pitch content itself. There are efforts made by business by spending time and money on content creation. This helps them to create a noticeable brand statement in the form of publisher-tailored content.

Social Media

Social media platforms have grown in sophistication to offer greater capabilities in the Ad industry. Trends for marketing via social media has revolved many pitfalls when it comes to making consumers feel as brands are speaking directly to them.  Among Big platforms, Twitter is a great example, which along with its advertising partners, created 600 hours of video for 400 events. This shows the growing its capabilities of the social media platform. Facebook has also its own prestigious place in the industry and is considered as the powerful impact medium to approach the users globally.


Chatbots capability to help brands by offering streamlined, individualized Ads service through chat. Chatbots are in trends with business practices to serve customers and clients. With customer utility chatbot empowered with artificial intelligence provides an advanced experience. Through chatbot services brands offers its biggest hospitality. Hence, almost every small or big business is integrating it to advertise its services.

Chatbots are considered as the viable customer support solution in every manner in the Ad industry. It is one of the wise full ways to serve your services into the market. Hence, after the introduction of the Chatbots, it has drastically changed many business processes and strategies.

Ads Video

This is the advanced way to offer advertisers reach the expanded users in a more augmented way. This started a competition among ad industry by outraging the traditional video players down by opening up video ads to the entire web.  Thus, allowing publishers to use video content to monetize video ads helps them to boost revenue.

Brands can now reach audiences through websites by integrating video into the blog and articles. This way Ad industry ensures that their videos are getting watched. These videos are helpful in every sense that improves the knowledge of the user regarding the brands and its services.

Integrate AR/VR

AR ads provide an immersive experience for users by delivering information virtually about the products and its services. AR technology offers least- disrupting ad solutions to the various dimensions of the industry. This handy approach allows the users to access their camera/device to view and interact with an ad. The experience of the users is countable that make them feel the ordinary product more exclusive.

AR advertisements offer experiences to the users that is ultimate digital environments. Big brands with AR are already inspiring the industry by creating positive user experiences. This encourages the engagement of the businesses via ongoing interactivity with the users.

Businesses words

Business growth in the advertising industry will continue together with innovative ideas. There is a new level of demographic data and real-time data in the Advertisement industry with the implementation of these trends. With time brands are increasingly pushing themselves when it comes to advertising in creative ways.

Colleen Jansen
Colleen Jansen
Collen Jansen is a digital marketing specialist at Quytech, Leading Mobile app/ AR/VR Development Company. At Quytech, you can Hire Augmented Reality developer to develop an AR app for iPhone and Android.


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