Top Six Celebrities Who Are Also Successful Entrepreneurs

From actors to musicians, many celebrities have made their names on the list of entrepreneurs. Venturing their branches to other industries and businesses has brought them incredible success. With striking social media and entertainment industry presence, unsurprisingly, most celebrities successfully build their own empires. And, of course, the large fan bases have helped them significantly realize their dreams. 

Flourishing your own business is more challenging than it rolls out of your tongue. You need robust marketing strategies to thrive in your business and brand image. Those big names who failed to keep their plan up to par could have succeeded better while the others continued their growth. They are now the CEO and Founders of their own brands, online bingo in Canada, and companies. 

This article will unfold some celebrities who managed to hit their businesses off really well and are now businessmen/women, along with their celebrity identities. Let’s start to dig right into it:

Top Six Celebrities Who Are Also Successful Entrepreneurs
Top Six Celebrities Who Are Also Successful Entrepreneurs

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne, better known by his name ‘Rock,’ is among one of the finest businessmen besides his unique demand in the Hollywood movie industry. You must have seen Rock, rocking his roles in several blockbuster movies, but do you know he has several own brands under his name?

He founded great business names like Acorns, Zoa, Seven Bucks Production, and, most significantly, Teremana Tequila. Yes, This world-renowned star has his own tequila brand that recorded 600,000 cases sold in the first year of launch. It is now on the verge of breaking records with a 1 million case mark worldwide. So, you see where the jaw-dropping net worth of Dwayne comes from.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashians are shaking the world with their presence. A prominent fashion and beauty industry population inspires the whole family line. Although each Kardashian contributes her role in owning their industry, Kim Kardashian stands ahead with several big names under her command. 

She owns and founded several brands like KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, and Skims. Her interest in beauty and fashion led her to launch her brands in recent years. Also, her shapewear and loungewear line- Skims, stays caught up with her beauty and fragrance brands. 


Who doesn’t know the name Rihanna? This pop musician has broken many stages worldwide with millions of fan followers. But she, too, didn’t stay bound to her initial career and spread her hands towards the business industry. She is now known with another identity besides her pop star one. The founder of Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and Savage x Fenty has launched an incredible line of beauty and luxury wear.

Her brand and efforts have made her one of the most inspiring and successful celebrity entrepreneurs globally. Although the brand initially focused on a limited population, now it has spread its wings to cover each customer’s makeup and beauty products. You can even read a complete review about the success of Rihanna on several entrepreneur lists and talk shows.

Dr. Dre

Another famous name in the music industry, Dr. Dre, has been in the line of business owners for so long. His musical interest and passion brought him to be a founder of the legendary ‘Beats By Dre.’ He launched his most popular lines of music products throughout the years, starting with the first one in 2008. 

Dr. Dre is a role model for several music lovers as he helps them enjoy the best music experience through his top-quality audio items. You can check out his high-performance headphones that dwell in the hearts of many fans and other users. 

Kate Hudson

The famous actress Kate Hudson who made her name known worldwide with her role in ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, has also launched her brand. Her personalized fitness apparel brand is called Fabletics. The primary purpose behind her brand is to offer activewear for both men and women.

Fabletics include sportswear like loggings, bras, shorts, and warm essentials to keep you active but in style. Kate puts much value on the user experience, and thus her brand has gained much popularity. Her thorough commanding and business strategies have made her one of the celebrity entrepreneurs.


Another globally famous music artist, Beyonce, has indulged herself in unlimited projects that the world is in awe of. Besides her projects, she is a part of brands like 22 Days Nutrition and Adidas x Ivy Park. Collaborating with a plant-based supplement company like 22 Days Nutrition, she promotes vegan, organic, and non-GMO food for people worldwide.

And how can we miss her collection of Adidas x Ivy Park? Her collection screams the Beyonce vibes with a bold and colorful selection of hues and styles that have the fans draw out their cards and claim the article without hesitation.

Final Thoughts 

With the rise in online technology, everyone is trying to devise new ways to be successful, whether through online casino games, making their brands, or freelancing. If you are interested in which online casinos have the highest payouts? Find out on this website. But if you are interested in long-term advantages, entrepreneurship can guide you on the right path by watching the ones already leading the world of entrepreneurs. Even celebrities have made themselves known as business owners besides their entertainment artist image. You can find many famous names with inspiring projects and brands selling like no other. Check out the list to learn more about your favorite celebrities and their entrepreneurship endeavors.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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