UEFA Euro 2020: Betting Tips for Beginners

UEFA Euro 2020 is approaching fast. Initially, the prestigious European tournament was supposed to take place in 2020, but it was unfortunately pushed back to summer 2021. This has, unsurprisingly, been a blessing for most teams, who have had an extra year to prepare their players for one of the most significant moments of their entire careers.

Every four years, the Euros attracts hundreds of millions of viewers from countries around the world. For example, the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France attracted a staggering 600 million audience figure, which shows you just how entertaining and essential this competition is – it’s truly a cultural phenomenon.

Now, betting is inevitably going to play a massive part in Euro 2020. Football fans love to bet, and there’s no greater tournament for this hobby than Euro 2020, where there will be lots of fun and goals.

Understandably, Euro 2020 will attract a lot of first-time betters who are total beginners. But, if you’re a betting beginner, don’t worry – as here are some tips that will help you to be successful and responsible.

Increase your knowledge of the qualified teams

To give yourself the best possible opportunity of winning bets, you need to analyze the teams qualified for the 2021 European Championships

By doing this, you will grow your knowledge surrounding the different players for each team, making your bets well-informed and intelligent, therefore raising your chances of calling the right outcome. 

It’s a bad idea to place bets in a game between two teams that you know nothing about. So, for example, if you’re watching Turkey vs. Italy (the tournament’s first game on June 11th) and don’t know anything about either team or their players, you shouldn’t bet during this game.  

Only bet on games where you have an assured knowledge of the teams involved.

Create a budget

If you’re a beginner at betting, you need to have a budget. This way, you remain responsible by playing within your means. Remember, even if you’re on a winning streak, don’t be tempted to go outside your budget.

Understand the different types of betting odds 

Generally, there are two types of betting odds: short and long. 

Short odds are what beginners should look to focus on. They’re bets that come with a higher chance of winning, and then they’re more likely to happen. 

Long odds are the opposite – they’re less likely to happen. For example, the odds of a match score being 5-5 will be extremely long, as this scoreline is rare in football. 

Nothing is stopping you from choosing longer odds, but be aware that they come with more of a risk! 

Avoid personal bias

As a football fan, you likely have your favorite players and teams. It’s a good idea to avoid betting on them specifically, as this way, you avoid personal bias that could falter your logical thinking. For example, if you love Cristiano Ronaldo, that doesn’t mean you should bet on him to score every single game – instead, you need to be unbiased and concise with the bets you make.

Free bets and promotions

Many betting companies offer free bets and other types of promotions that you should look to take advantage of. They’re a great way to practice your betting skills without any investment on your side. 

Throughout Euro 2020, it’s a guarantee that there will be endless free bets and promotions on offer, so don’t miss out on them.


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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