Understanding How To Balance Parenting, A Career, And Home Ownership

Life is full of areas that you need to adjust to meet new needs in your life. A home that is perfect for a couple when single might not be a great fit when having children. A career can need to take a backseat when growing a family although supporting the family is the reason most work full-time jobs. Homeownership also is a huge responsibility that can be difficult to juggle with kids, a spouse, and a job. Getting into a routine is always going to be important as some days are going to be far more brutal than others. Below are tips to perform an adequate balancing act with parenting, a career, and owning a home.

Home Maintenance and Repairs Are Of Paramount Importance

Home maintenance can be a team effort in terms of certain chores. Hiring professionals for tasks like cleaning air vents or gutters is essential. You do not want to risk an injury trying to traverse a ladder without any experience working at various heights. Allowing your home to fall into disrepair can cost thousands at one time to fix. You also want your home to be pristine if you are considering relocation in the next few years.

Repairs should always be handled by professionals as handling them yourself can cost more money and time. Mistakes can lead to added expenses or damages that will need to be repaired. Finding trusted local professionals in the home service industry is not going to be overly difficult. A home warranty can be very important as this can cover appliances and other features of the home. States might restrict what can be covered so looking into your state’s requirements is very important. Research online for states like Ohio or other locations with high populations should be seamless.

Cinch Home Services notes this about appliance coverage, “Appliances: This basic plan covers the replacement and repair of major home appliances, including washers and dryers, cooktops, dishwashers, ice makers, microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, and trash compactors.”

Utilize All Of Your Paid Vacation And Sick Days

Using all of your PTO is very important but might not be necessary if working remotely. Only refuse to take these days if you are paid for them at the end of the year. You can then take your family on a vacation during the holidays. Traveling with a remote job role is seamless as you can even connect to the internet on international flights. Taking days off around holiday weekends can be a great way to stretch these days. Mental health days for the entire family can be a perfect opportunity to relax as well as bond.

Remote Workers Should Start To Work Early

Remote work roles can save you hours daily by getting rid of the daily commute. The time saved can be spent improving your health, spending time with the kids, and investing yourself in a hobby. Waiting until the last minute to start working means you are working for hours after your children arrive home from school. Certain remote roles only care if the hours worked align with what was agreed upon in your employment contract. Take the time to continually search for great remote roles as you could find yourself making far more money while working remotely.

Don’t Discount A Freelance Career For A Living

The freelance industry is booming due to technology allowing people to work anywhere in the world. Setting your schedule can be such an advantage when trying to find the perfect work-life balance. Upwork along with other platforms has gigs that are both on a per-project basis and full-time. Full-time gigs can allow you to work any hours you need, as most want deadlines hit rather than specific hours worked. Take the time to become your boss as you just need to be disciplined and have a decent client retention rate.

Finding Reliable Childcare

Reliable childcare can be extremely expensive for children of a certain age. Finding a family member willing to care for young children can be the best option. Daycare can be full of sickness although this is a perfect way for kids to grow socially. Look into the various options in the local area as rural areas likely have far less in terms of care options. Remote workers might be able to juggle taking care of children but retaining a remote role should still stay a priority.

The balancing act that parents with full-time jobs that own a home will shift over time. Teens become more independent which requires different parenting than children of a younger age. Responsible teens should be able to earn privileges along with learning from their parent’s example. Take the time to assess which areas you could be doing a better job in. You’d be surprised as to how maintaining a proactive approach to finding this balance improves your quality of life.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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