Useful Online Resources for Students to Enhance their Skills during this Covid period

The Internet has made our lives easier. Everyone who wants to spend time on something productive by delegating boring and monotonous tasks to the algorithms enjoys it. The Internet is like a freight train with every type of load you can think of: oil, seeds, building materials, etc.

Students are the ones who can benefit from online resources. The developers understand that young people spend most of their time on the Internet, so they create new applications for students. 

How Can a Student Use Online Resources?

There are numerous ways students can use the Internet in their lives, from looking for life-hacks to obtaining a certificate. We have compiled a list of the most useful online resources students will find valuable. Let’s look at them!

Studying Resources 

We would like to start with the resources you can use as an additional source of information. 

1. Coursera

This is the most popular online resource that provides free courses on various subjects. Most of the courses are elaborated by prestigious universities. In the majority of cases, you can take a free course, but you are going to have to pay to get a certificate (the fee is not high).

2. EdX

If you look for more courses, EdX is the resource you need. It offers more courses than Coursera, but half of them are fee-based. However, all EdX certificates are accepted on one level with university diplomas. Besides, the colleges that cooperate with EdX provide their students with discounts. 

3. YouTube

It is not a fully educational platform, but you can find anything you want there, and for free. The only thing you need to be aware of is how to find reliable YouTube channels. You should analyze the material you see according to the rules of fake news detection: catching headlines, biased opinions, no expert opinion are the indicators of fake information. 

Time Management Resources 

If you are a student balancing college and work, you cannot do without time management apps. Here are the three best options.

4. Evernote 

It is the most popular time management application among students. You can sync your gadgets and have access to your notes everywhere. Evernote allows you to plan not only the activities during your day but also sleeping and eating time frames. Besides, you can keep your home assignments in the comments. 

5. Trello

This app will be useful for students who want to keep their work and college tasks in one application. You can plan your days and work on your projects on Trello. It is available on any gadget.

6. Rescue Time

We advise using this app if you are only starting to work with time management. Rescue Time will literally rescue your time by analyzing where you spend it the most. You will know which activity steals your free time, so you will be able to boost your productivity.

Relax Resources

It is very important for students to be able to rest and relax. Here are the best resources that will help you.


By analyzing your daily routine, this app will calculate the best time for you to go to bed and wake up. It has some great algorithms built-in that will improve your sleeping pattern.

8. Keep Me Out

It is the analog of the Forest app, but Keep Me Out is free. If you are addicted to social media and find it difficult to focus on tasks, this app will block your access to the apps and websites you chose. With Instagram and Facebook blocked, your performance will go up.

Project Creating Resources

Students often get an assignment to create infographics or presentations, so here are some platforms you can use.

9. Prezi

It is the perfect website you can use to create interactive presentations. Prezi allows you to use only 5 templates in free access, but you can create an unlimited number of projects with these 5 templates. It takes some time to generate a Prezi project, but the result is worth the effort.

10. Canva

This online platform is for students who need infographics, projects, and interactive images. Most of the templates are free, but you can also create your own template. You can download and share your projects here.


If you need to create fast infographics and embed it into your project, is the best resource you can find. You can use many templates and you can add charts, notes, diagrams, maps, stickers, etc., to your infographic. However, with free access, you can only share a link and embed your project; downloading is available in Premium. 

12. Web Journalist

This website has a collection of resources you can use for your project. You can find the names and short descriptions of all platforms you may need in the process of project generating, from audio and video editing to quiz elaborating. 

Other Useful Resources

Some resources are unique in their field, so we cannot divide them into groups. 

13. Google Drive

For documents synchronizing, there is no better application than Google Drive. You get 15 GB of cloud space for saving any type of documents you want. You can access it from any device: desktop, android, iOS, iPad, etc. 

14. Top Universities

This website has some important sections, like the list of universities according to different criteria, blogs, Q&A on various topics, etc. If you need to find an answer to a question and you don’t know where to start, Top Universities will be a good point of departure. 

15. Open Culture

It is very similar to the Top Universities, but the focus on Open Culture is on student blogging. You can find the stories told by students from all around the world who shared their experiences in different aspects of students’ lives. 

16. Amazon

There is no better place to look for anything you need to buy. Thanks to the targeting algorithm, Amazon will personalize its offers for you. 

17. Mint

Students need to be able to manage their finances, and Mint application is the best for this purpose. It is free, easy to use, and available on any platform.

18. Zoom

With remote learning becoming the only way of educating students in the conditions of lockdown, Zoom enters the top 5 of the most downloaded online resources. You need to be able to work with it and know the basic options you may need during online classes.

19. Google Meet

It is very similar to Zoom but is regarded as a safer platform for online communication. Google Meet offers fewer options than Zoom, but it is easier to use. You can access all Google Meet features without paying for it, while in Zoom, you have only 40 minutes of online conferences for more than 2 people. 

We hope you find this list of the best resources for students useful. It is important to always try something new in order to achieve success.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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