Valheim Bosses List – All you need to know

To make Valheim one of the best games, creators have introduced bosses. These Valheim bosses increase the game’s challenges and make players work harder to become strong enough to fight them.

The Valheim Bosses list includes five bosses, and each boss represents a single chapter in the game. Moreover, each boss is much more demanding to fight with than the previous one. The best part is that besides the satisfaction of defeating a boss, a player also gets numerous rewards.

Valheim Bosses

Anything and everything you need to know about these bosses from the biome they are found in defeating them have been mentioned below.

First Valheim Bosses – Eikthyr

First Valheim boss - Eikthyr

The first boss that players will encounter in the game is a giant stag whose antlers are wrapped in chains. Overall, Eikthyr is intimidating to look at and is found in the biome meadows.

How to find First Valheim boss – Eikthyr?

Go and interact with a red runestone at spawn.

How to summon?

Bring Eikthyr to life by placing two deer trophies on Mystical Altar.

Attacks of Eikthyr

This forsaken comes with three different attacks. It can shoot lighting from its antlers from a distance. In addition to this, it can also use its antlers to ram and cause a melee attack. Eikthyr’s third attack involves it being up close with the player using its front legs by rearing them up and stomping them down to create an area of electrical attack effect.

How to defeat Eikthyr?

Make sure your three food bars are topped up, and you have a small wooden shield ready to block Eikthyr’s attacks. Furthermore, it would be a good option to have a bow crafted so that you can shoot the forsaken from a distance.

If you want to aim for more melee attacks, protect yourself from a shield and get a flint spear or axe to attack Eikthyr.


After defeating Eikthyr, players will get Hard Antler which will be later on used for crafting a pickaxe. They will also get an Eikthyr trophy and Eikthyr Power.

Second Valheim Bosses – The Elder

Second Valheim Boss - The Elder

The Elder is a huge tree that is no less than a grot. It has a humanoid shape and has damaging vines and roots. It is found in the biome Black Forest.

How to find The Elder?

When you find the Runestones in stone structures and burial chambers, interact with them.

How to summon?

To bring this forsaken to life, go to the Burial Chambers found in the Black Forest. Find the rune and go to the Elder’s Mystical altar where you will burn 3 ancient seeds.

Attacks of The Elder

With three various attacks, The Elder can be hard to deal with. Its melee attack involves stomping on players resulting in an area of effect attack. This will result in damage for a player even if it doesn’t directly stomp on him. It also includes a ranged attack to up its fighting level by shooting vines as projectiles towards players. It can also bring its roots to life by summoning them around players. These roots will lash out at players as a form of attack.

How to defeat The Elder?

Have some patience and keep weapons and a strong brass armour ready before taking a fight against this powerful forsaken. After defeating Eikthyr, you will have a pickaxe. Make use of it to mine and smelt and prepare a quality bow, lots of flame arrows and healing potions. In addition to this, it will be a great idea to place campfires in the summoning area of this beast and hope that he steps on them while chasing you. This will give it extra burn damage.

Once this hideous monster has been summoned, aim at it with hundreds of flaming arrows to cause as much damage as possible. Be careful and use pillar in the summoning area as a cover to block vines used as projectiles. Also, don’t move very far from the summoning area deep into the woods as you might attract grey dwarf or troll enemies, which will become your victory much more hard.
Once defeated, use the trophy you get ib the loot on a sacrificial stone to get a special power to increase your wood cutting speed.


The loot includes a swamp Key which is used to unlock Sunken Crypts in Swamps for finding iron. You will also get an Elder Trophy and a superpower, which will increase wood chopping speed.

Third Valheim Bosses – Bonemass

Third Valheim Boss - Bonemass

Full of trouble and found in a swamp, Bonemass is a gigantic green sludge beast. It comes with superpowers that involve poison and health regeneration.

How to find Bonemass?

Find and interact with Runestones found in Sunken Crypts of the biome Swamp.

How to summon?

To summon, simply place 10 Withered Bones on a Mystical Altar. These withered bones can be found in swamp crypts.

Attacks of Bonemass

Bonemass come with three attacks to defeat its opponent. His attacks involve a melee attack, a toxic attack and summoning. It will strike at its opponent up close. It will also fill the air with toxics that will severely damage a player if he gets caught in it. Furthermore, it will summon everything in its power, i.e. skeletons, blobs, and oozers, to help it win.

How to defeat Bonemass?

Bonemass will manage to put up a fight that you surely won’t forget anytime soon. So, put on an iron armour and get your sharp weapons ready such as maces and hammers ready since this beast can only be damaged up close or via frost arrows aimed at it from not a long distance. On top of all of this, Bonemass has the ability to heal during a fight. This means you need to attack it in order to defeat it continuously.

We would also advise you to keep some poison resistance mead with you in order to survive its toxic attack. This would mean that you should have unlocked the cauldron and fermenter before summoning Bonemass.

Finally, after you have defeated this vicious forsaken, take the trophy you get and place it on a sacrificial stone. Doing this will provide you with extraordinary power to increase resistance against physical damage.


Defeat this monster and get your hands on a Wishbone used to look for an underground treasure such as treasure chests and silver. Also, get a Bonemass trophy and an incredible Bonemass power.

Fourth Valheim Bosses – Moder

Fourth Valheim Boss - Moder

Moder is an intimidating ice wyvern that is found in an extremely dangerous biome, i.e. mountains. It is black and white and has blue eyes. Also, this forsaken has sharp claws, which it will use in battle.

How to find Moder?

Go to the top of a mountain. Then interact with Runestones which are present in stone structures.

How to summon?

Get your hands on 3 Dragon Eggs. Next, place them on Moder’s Mystical Altar, which in turn will summon Moder.

Attacks of Moder

Moder is no different than other forsaken as it comes with multiple attacks. When on the ground, it will cause a melee attack by swiping its front claws. Additionally, it will attack by using blizzard breath on opponents, resulting in either the opponent’s speed slowing down or being frozen. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Moder can fly and shoot projectiles from its mouth, freezing upon landing.

When in the mountain biome, layer up. This is because the cold is extreme, and if you do not wear lots of layering, you might freeze up without even holding up a good fight. It would also be a good idea to put on a wolf armor and make a frost resistance mead. Wolf armor can be simply made using wolves that are hunted and silver, easily found via wishbone (gotten through Bonemass).

Now that you have the right armor, summon this beast and be prepared to have a tough fight. Remember to be quick and dodge most of Moder’s attack, especially the breath attack and melee attack. Usage of a great bow and arrows such as poison arrows would be a good choice to aim, shoot and take the forsaken down.

Finally, once Moder is defeated, take Moder Trophy you won and place it on a sacrificial stone. This will give you a superpower that will allow you to sail peacefully and keep the wind at your back no matter which direction you are headed.


The loot includes Dragon Tear, Moder trophy and an extraordinary Moder power. The Dragon Tear can be used to create an Artisan Table.

Fifth Valheim Bosses – Yagluth

Fifth Valheim Boss - Yagluth

Lastly, Yagluth is currently the final boss in Valheim. He has no legs or feet, only a glowing torso and bony hands of a skeleton. He moves by crawling in the biome plains.

How to find Yagluth?

In plains, look for standing stones that resemble a Stonehenge. Here interact with Runestones.

How to summon?

Get 5 Fuling Totems which are goblin-like monsters. Next, place them on Yagluth’s Mystical Altar to summon this forsaken.

Attacks of Yagluth

Since this is the final boss, Yagluth will be the hardest of them all. He comes with two fist attacks; one that will create a shockwave while the other introduces lots of meteors in that area. In addition to this, Yagluth comes with a breath attack which functions like a flamethrower and will destroy anything and everything in his way.

Since this is the final boss, Yagluth will be the hardest of them all. He comes with two fist attacks; one that will create a shockwave while the other introduces lots of meteors in that area. In addition to this, Yagluth comes with a breath attack which functions like a flamethrower and will destroy anything and everything in his way.

How to defeat Yagluth?

Put on your best armour and take with you your best weapons to defeat Yagluth. We advise you to wear black metal gear and armor and carry lots of food and healings potions. We would advise you to maintain some distance and use bows to attack him.

Luckily, Yagluth moves slowly, and his attacks can be predicted if you keep your eyes open at all times. He moves his head slightly backwards before breathing out fire. So, if you notice this movement, quickly move out of his path. He glows blue when he is about to fist smash you. Similarly, he glows orange when he is about to shower meteors. All these signs can help you protect yourself and defeat him.

Now that you have won take Yagluth’s Trophy and place it on a sacrificial stone. This will provide you with a superpower that shall reduce damage from attacks such as fire, frost and poison.


The loot involves Yagluth Trophy, a superpower that requires resistance to elemental attacks. There is another item you will probably get, but it hasn’t been implemented yet.


No doubt defeating all five bosses is a difficult task. However, if you act smartly, these mighty beasts can be put to rest.

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