What To Do When Your Car Accident Was A Result Of A Faulty Part

Finding who was at fault for a car accident is usually a very tricky situation. Nobody wants to think that it was their driving that caused the accident. Not least of which because of the increase in insurance premiums

Even more complicated is when there is a situation when it appears nobody is at fault. For example, when there is a faulty part on your car. Is it faulty due to the manufacturer? Or maybe even a mechanic installed a part incorrectly. Unfortunately, an accident of this type adds another level of complexity into an already sticky situation. An auto accident law firm like Lamber Goodnow will have their hands full with this one!

In this article, we will go over what to do when your car is the one at fault for an accident. 

Common auto defects

Vehicle safety is better than it has ever been, but there are still always going to be defects that can impact the safe operation of your car. 

Some common ones that can be very dangerous are things like an ignition switch that cuts off while driving, accelerators that stick, brakes that don’t work or tires that blow out.

While none of these things happen often, they are usually the cause of accidents in which a party involved is not at fault.

They can happen because they were incorrectly manufactured, or an aftermarket part was used in a repair that was not made to the same standards as the original part.

Any of these problems can happen in a car that is brand new or even still under warranty. Nothing is perfect, of course, so there are times when there are issues.

Accidents from defective parts

When a part or system of a car doesn’t work, it can end up causing a loss of control. For example, if a tire blows out while driving on the highway, the driver may end up veering out of control into another lane or up against the barrier. At high speeds this can be very dangerous.

When an ignition cuts out, the power steering is also shut off as are the airbags. In this case, you can see how things would go if you were driving and suddenly couldn’t steer the car.

What you can do

Car and parts manufacturers are legally required to ensure that all their parts are safe to operate. If they fail, then they may be held liable for the failure. If there is an injury due to the accident then there could be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Before this can happen, an investigation will need to be done on the car and the situation to identify if failure of a part was the actual reason. 

This will likely be a process as a manufacturer will want to make sure that they are covered and try to minimize the damages if they also find that their mistake was the cause of the accident.

In any case, you will need a lawyer to handle this for you as it will be very complex to do yourself.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.



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