Why Image Quality is Important on Instagram

Instagram is an important tool, especially for people or businesses looking to get their brand out there. However, one thing that most people or businesses fail to understand is that it isn’t just about the photos but the image quality as well.

If you don’t know how important image quality is when posting images on Instagram, continue reading and have your mind blown away by these facts!

1. Great quality photos attract more likes

In most cases, people just scroll through Instagram randomly with nothing specific in their minds. Therefore, to pique the interest of such Instagram users, you will have to put in a little more effort, especially in terms of photo quality.

Likes are free, but you may not the number of likes you want if you don’t invest in photo quality. You can use tools to resize image for Instagram to maintain photo quality for more likes!

How to Do Your Instagram Marketing the Right Way
How to Do Your Instagram Marketing the Right Way

2. It might appear on the Explore page

The more popular a photo is, the higher the chances of it showing up on the explore page. Showing up on this page is critical because that means new people, apart from just your followers, will see the image.

If an image appears on this page, it means that its generating some buzz and hype and the more the chances of even attracting new followers or customers if it’s a business.

3. A great way to build trust with your followers

When you keep posting superb quality photos, you will keep on fascinating your followers and building some form of loyalty because they will feel like you’re a reliable and you take time on your creations. The more loyal your followers are, the more comments and likes you will get!

4. May lead to brand deals

When you post fantastic photos on Instagram, you not only attract new followers but also improve your chances of attracting brand deals. Today, businesses understand the importance of social media platforms, and that’s why they invest in brand deals.

Therefore, when a company sees how incredibly well you can capture your images, they will want to work with you because they trust that you can take amazing photos of their products and get it to the audience they need.

5. Helps build your brand identity

When you post something on Instagram that people can easily associate as your brand, it will go a long way in building your brand identity. It is important that you ensure you stay consistent with the quality.

For instance, you can post something with a certain pattern or colors in great quality that when someone sees such patterns or colors somewhere else, they will instantly associate it with you. This leads to gain more attention, boost engagement and increase follower loyalty.

6. Such posts accomplish more with less

It is important to stay active on Instagram if you want to maintain your presence. However, you have to ensure that it doesn’t feel you’re spamming. At some level you might feel like you are building your brand recognition with your photos but you might cause some level of annoyance among your followers.

Consequently, ensure that you take high-quality picture while ensuring it looks professional and can easily convey the right message. Just one of such can accomplish more than a many low-quality photos.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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