How to use Ymir’s Tear Stones in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ymir’s Tear Stones have to be collected from different places in Asgard through various tasks. There are a total of 30 tear stones in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and all of them have to be collected so that they can be used to get a reward.

The Ymir’s tear stones of Ymir are hidden in chests, or you might even have to solve puzzles to get them. Moreover, as you progress, it becomes more and more challenging to collect the stones. The last pair of stones can only be collected if Fenrir is defeated, which isn’t an easy task.

Ymir’s tear stone locations

It can be quite a hassle to find all the 30 Ymir’s tear stones, especially when they are scattered on 6 islands. This is where we fit in. We have played, collected, and compiled all 30 locations for the 30 collectibles to make the entire process easier. They have been listed below!

Ymir’s tear stones location 1

Players can find the first collectible near Heimdall’s Tower, which is northwest of Asgard and close to the Gate to Jotunheim. Then head to the north of this area. From here, you will descend the cliff to reach a beach. Finally, you will be able to spot a small camp on the beach which will have a chest. Open it to get your first Ymir’s tear stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 2

On the same island, you will be able to find the second precious stone. Head over to northwest of Asgard and then move towards the east of Heimdall’s Tower. Here you will see many white pillars. Your next step will be to move towards the top of the slope present close to the pillar, which is connected to the rope. Once at the top, take the oil jar and hop on the pillar to follow the rope to reach a cracked wall ultimately. This is where the oil jar will come in handy. Use it to destroy the wall and retrieve the treasure chest behind it. Viola! You now have the second Ymir tear stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 3

Close to Asgard is the Heimdall’s Tower. From there, descend the slope to the north and fall into a small recess purposefully. Walk on the destroyed bridge so that you can reach the other side. Moreover, get the oil jar and hop on a wooden platform. Next, go back to the destroyed bridge. When you reach the center of the bridge, use the jar of oil by dropping it to destroy the cracked floor because there is a hidden chest under it. Open the chest to get your valuable stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 4

Head over to the north of Asgard until you reach a small bridge close to a pond. There will be a boat on the bottom of the small bridge. Jump on it to get the oil jar. Next, you will go north towards the cracked wall. Use the jar of oil you had taken before on a cracked wall to destroy it so that you can uncover a chest hidden behind it. Open the chest and get the fourth collectible.

Ymir’s tear stones location 5

Now move south until you reach the front of the waterfall. Moreover, dive into the lake and swim until you reach the back of the waterfall. This is where you will discover a secret hideout containing a chest. Open the chest to get the fifth precious stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 6

It’s time to enter the Ivaldi’s Forge to get the sixth Ymir’s stone. You will have to explore this area during a mission called “Forging a Bond.” You will notice a huge statue near Ivaldi. Go behind it to find a crack in the wall. The crack will be big enough for you to cross it. All you have to do is cross it to reach a room where there is a chest containing the sixth stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 7

Do not get away from Ivaldi’s Forge since this is where you will find another mystical stone. Find the ladder’s lock above you and shoot it with one of your arrows to bring the ladder down. Climb up the statue to ultimately reach the top. Next, hop on a wooden platform nearby. After that, climb the ladder you had dropped before to get to the chest containing Ymir’s stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 8

In Ivaldi’s forge, go west of the main hall. Furthermore, climb to the top of the building and complete a quest called “A Feline’s Football” by getting a Cat’s Footfall. 

Now, continue walking to a place where you can use the rope to go to the eastern part of the area. Remember to fall in the middle of the rope to reach the second rope located below. Finally, keep walking east until you reach a platform that has the chest. Opening the chest will grant you a stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 9

Look for a crack on the cliff below Ymir’s Altar and east of Asgard. Please take out a torch and throw it in the crack to start a fire. The fire will enable you to enter the space without getting damaged. Then look for the platform which has the chest on it. Get the chest and open it to get stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 10

There are lots of wooden platforms on the north side of Ymir’s Altar. Head towards them and climb them. Keep walking on them until you reach the end, where there will be a small hut. Enter the hut and open the chest inside to get your tenth precious stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 11

Visit northeast of the region and go near the lake to a place where there are wolves. There will be a tree there that is connected to a rope. Climb it and then walk on rope steadily to reach an area in which there will be a chest for you to open. Ymir’s stone will be inside it.

Ymir’s tear stones location 12

Now, move north until you are in front of the hut. Look for a high window in the hut and destroy it with the help of an arrow or even a torch. Then enter the hut, get the chest and open it to get collectible.

Ymir’s tear stones location 13

Move to the North of Indre Holm and southeast of Asgard. Dive into the water and swim till you reach near the wooden planks which are floating on water. Here you will get to see a secret passage underwater. Go inside it. 

There will need a shield in the passage. Direct the light beam towards the contraption to make it disappear. This will allow you to enter a room. Here you will discover another light beam that will need to be orientated towards the contraption present far behind in the room. Abolish boards that are behind the shield to unveil the hidden chest containing your collectible.

Ymir’s tear stones location 14

Head to the southeast of Asgard to visit Trolltonn. This is where you will be getting the next four stones. The first stone is in a chest at the top of a tower present at the far north of the area.

Ymir’s tear stones location 15

It will hardly take some time to get the fifteenth Ymir stone. Look down to find a group of enemies who are guarding a chest. Get tour fighting mode on, go down and kill all the enemies to get the chest that has your valuable stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 16

Enter a building by using one of your weapons to destroy the ice present southeast of Trolltonn. Next, move down a slope and also look carefully for any cracks on the walls. Cross the crack to find yourself in one of the rooms with a window that has bars. 

Place a jar of oil near a cracked wall. In addition to this, shoot an arrow at the oil jar from the window. This time go through the crack and then crouch to go through a passage. Viola! A new room will appear for you to go inside. This is where you will find the chest which contains the next stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 17

Just before you leave this room where you found the sixteenth collectible, grab an oil jar from near the entrance. This will help you get the next stone. Next, go to the corridor once again and look for the second cracked wall. Once you spot it, place the jar of oil in front of it. Move away so that you can shoot an arrow at the oil jar and destroy the wall. Now you can look at the hidden chest, open it and get what’s rightfully yours.

Ymir’s tear stones location 18

Hurry up and go to the well of Urd, as this is where you will be finding the following three collectibles. There is a mission called “Well Travelled” via which you will get to explore this well. To get your hands on the 18 stone, go to the cave and take a swim in the water to reach an underground path that will take you in a cavity. Here you will look around and find the chest that has your next stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 19

With the 18 stone in your hand, you would have crossed the first part of the cave. It will now be time for you to take your journey to the next level by going to an area where you have to jump on many tree trunks to reach your destination, i.e., a large room where you can find Tyr. In addition to this, climb on the cliff to go to the top right of the room because this is where you will get your hands on the next chest.

Ymir’s tear stones location 20

Go to the Well of Urd and solve a riddle so that it opens. Jump inside. Then swim in more profound in the water of well to reach underground. Here there will be a chest inside of which will be a precious Ymir’s stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 21

Get out of the well and head to southeast of the region. Go to a small island. This island will have a wrecked boat close to it. Look on the boat for Ymir’s stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 22

Solve the “Noble Harts” Mystery and get your hands on a valuable stone. Go northeast of Utangard Chasm and follow hart in the forest to reach the south of the island ultimately. This is where your precious stone lies.

Ymir’s tear stones location 23

This stone is not very far from the 22 stone. Move to the south of a viewpoint located near the Utangard Chasm. There will be a cliff. Your goal will be to examine it for a crack.

Head inside that crack and use the Sunstone by positioning the light beam close to the second Sunstone (located next to the cave entrance). Additionally, move towards the second Sunstone so that you can position the ray of light into an alcove present on your left side. Look for the third Sunstone and use it to position the light ray on a contraption. 

Finally, move towards the middle of the room, jump in the water, and swim in an underground passage leading to Ymir’s stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 24

The Builder will ask you to test a shield during the mission called “Defensive Measures.” To do so, you will have to go to an area. Have a look near that area towards a cliff to the south. You will be looking for an alcove there which will have the collectible.

Ymir’s tear stones location 25

Remember the place where the Builder had asked you to examine his shield. Go there and move south of it to find a ruined temple. Look behind that temple to see a few grates. Please take out your bow and arrow and aim at an oil jar to destroy a destructible wall present close to it. Furthermore, head back to the entrance of the ruined temple. This time you will enter it and get the stone your rightfully deserve.

Ymir’s tear stones location 26

North of the second viewpoint of Asgard is an important place, the Utangard Chasm. This is where you will be able to collect the next three stones. Move north of the second viewpoint so that you can reach the crack on top. Please enter it. Although, you will need to jump on a stall to get access to it. There will be a couple of crates that you need to push to get access to the chest containing the stone.

Ymir’s tear stones location 27

Your next step in the game would be to move south and kill a giant who will be having the Stone Key. Additionally, cross a crack in the wall to reach an area which many enemies guard. In the center of this area will be the chest that has your precious stone. But remember, this chest can only open with the stone key you previously got your hands on.

Ymir’s tear stones location 28

Once you have gotten your hands on the 27 stone, look beside the chest. There will be a statue. Climb it! Moreover, as you reach the upper part of the area, you will have some freedom to move to the chest located just below the Utangard Chasm. If you find any difficulty spotting it, use your Odin Sight and locate it with ease.

Ymir’s tear stones location 29

To get your second last stone, walk to the island, which is located west of Asgard. Look for a crack on the mountain because you will be getting in through it. Once inside, move on the path which is to your right. Equip yourself with a torch so that the gas nearby can be dissipated.

This way, you will fall on a chest by opening, which you will get penultimate Ymir’s Tear Stones. 

Ymir’s tear stones location 30

After all this hard work, it’s time for one final mission to get the last stone. Start the mission, i.e., “The Big Finish,” and walk south of the island to enter a cave inside of which there will be a red door. In this area, while looking around for some paint to get for yourself, you will be able to find the chest, which will have the last precious stone, after which you can get your reward.

The Reward

Finally, once you have collected all the 30 Ymir’s tear stones, you may be wondering how to use them. Go to the eastern side of the northernmost island, where you will find the Offering Altar in Asgard. There will be a statue on the Altar. Go and talk to him. Then, the statue will reward you with five skill points (if you have all the 30 Ymir’s tear stones).

For many players, the five skill points as a reward for these stones are disappointing since a lot of effort has to be put in to collect these precious stones. However, if you look at the bright side as a player, you will notice that you have filled in your mystery tabs and what is more rewarding than that.

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