You Might Like These 9 Reminders for Rainy Days

Are you having days when, even though you are the same (skillful, knowledgeable, reliable, etc.) you need a boost of confidence and reassurance? If you do, you might want to adopt these reminders for rainy days.

9 Reminders for Rainy Days

1. The things that frighten you the most never happened and probably never will

Our imagination has no boundaries. We create space rockets, marvelous pieces of art, medical devices, prosthetic limbs and … horror movies. At the last one, horror movie, almost all of us are very skilled. We are making all sort of scenarios about how things won’t work, how we can get hurt and many ways to fail. We are giving ourselves the scare for a lifetime (too many times) in terrifying details. Remind yourself that most horrible things are a product of your imagination and most probably those things will NEVER happen to you.

Let your imagination help you focus on the important things in life, on your dreams. Let your imagination take you on a journey of discovery and happiness.

2. Overthinking is stealing from you the power to move on

Overthinking keeps you on the spot. You can barely go in any direction, and you feel stuck. Step out of “the spot”: literally, start moving because your mind runs better when your legs are moving.

3. Sadness, grief, hurt are processes you live through and come up better at the other end – take your time

Are you feeling pressured to end your grief, sadness, hurt, mourning as fast as possible? Some people are even suggesting to take a pill. However, those emotions are showing you that you are human and without them you wouldn’t feel happiness, joy, and love either.

Your feelings are coming all together in the same box. As no one is pressuring you to end being happy or to stop loving, they shouldn’t ask you to “just get over it” when it comes to any other emotion you have. Take your time.

4. Be patient

“Good things are coming to those who wait.”

Whatever good you have done, will eventually come back to you when you least expect.

5. You are the guardian of YOU

Take control and responsibility for the things that are happening to you. Be the cause of the events in your life not the effect. When you are the cause, it is in your power and control to change things. When you are the effect, you can’t do anything but comply.

Improve your self-esteem and know your true value. Know who you are and give yourself the strength and courage to stand up for yourself. Remind yourself that you are the guardian of you and the only constant is your life it is your presence in it. Is it not?

6. You are stronger than you think

Maybe you have heard the story about a mother that lift alone a car to save her baby. I don’t know if that is true or not. Nevertheless, that it shows how strong you can be; you are stronger than you think.

Be confident that you will be able to deal with whatever life puts in front of you. If you have done it so far; you will do it in the future as well. You Can!

Allow yourself to be amazed – just try.

7. Your current situation is temporary

Whatever you are going through right now is temporary. Life creates balance: you have good days, and you have bad days.

You have good days to enjoy life; you have bad days as a reminder that you are alive; to make sure you don’t fail to notice the gifts of life that you already receive and to build patience to wait for the many more gifts that will come.

8. Whatever you have lost, you lost only to make room for something better

Your capacity to have and enjoy what you have is not endless. Therefore, sometimes life is taking good things from you only to make room for other precious things that wants to give.

9. There are people around you that can’t imagine living without you

It is possible that right now you don’t see the people that love and appreciate you, but they are there!

They are there for you (interpersonal or support group) only as much or as little as you allow them to be. Create opportunities for them to show you care and understanding. Give them the chance to be useful to you. Remind yourself that there is almost nothing more offending for someone that loves you other than knowing that you are suffering alone in silence.

Carmen Jacob
Carmen Jacob
Carmen Jacob is the co-founder of She believes that us, people are good by nature and giving the knowledge, the chance and the opportunity, they will prove to themselves and to others how extraordinary and capable every person can be. Her knowledge is based on research, personal experience and the experience of working with clients for the past 12 years. Carmen’s goal is to help people achieve the life of their dreams.



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