10 Best Android Apps You Should Try

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system. It beats the Apple iOS in every aspect. The App Store for Android also known as Google play store has millions of applications.

With so many options available, it’s really hard to find the perfect app for your need.  So, we have decided to compile a list of simple but effective Android apps that you should install right now.

There are many apps coming out every month, but there are only a few best apps which stand out from the other with new features and material design. Here are the 10 Best Android Apps you should use in 2019.

PC View for Facebook

This is an amazing app which lets you access a different version of Facebook. Facebook is available in two versions; Facebook lite and Facebook mobile. Normally you see the Facebook mobile version on your smartphone, but when you are low on mobile data then you can access a Facebook lite version which uses minimum mobile data. The best part of this app is it lets you access Facebook desktop version on phone.

Google Allo

Google made this awesome Messenger app for sending SMS. It has a better experience than Hangouts with Google Assistant Integrated in it. Google has added support for Direct share so that you can send any content directly to your recent SMS conversations from the share menu, and this cannot be done by hangouts.


LastPass can store and fill the information about login details on Android phone. This comes very handy when you have to remember lots of passwords. It supports fingerprint lock which is very secure. After enabling this feature, you can authorize username and password with a tap on the sensor.


This app can send text, links, and images between your devices. The most useful feature of this app is, you can push content from your phone to a friend’s and where the Push bullet optimizations come to play. It uses direct share, so when you open the Android share menu from any app, your recent Push bullet destinations will appear at the top for easy access.

SMS Organizer

This is a free app by Microsoft. It is one of the smartest SMS apps available on the Google Play Store. It organizes your inbox automatically, sets reminders and keeps track of your expense. This is an all in one SMS app.

I highly recommend you to ditch your regular SMS app and switch to SMS organizer.


One of the best battery saver apps of all time. Greenify implements something called “shallow hibernation” mode. If you place an app in shallow hibernation, the app basically kills its activity whenever it’s not being used. Push messages will still work, and you can open the app instantly without waiting.

Custom Quick Settings

In Android OS there is a semi-hidden feature called “SYSTEM UI TUNER.” After turning this feature, you can use the UI tuner where you can add new tiles that can toggle settings, app, open websites. The best part is this app doesn’t require root access.

Nine – Outlook for Android: 

It is one of the best exchange clients around. If you want an exchanged managed email account for work, this is the app you need. Although it’s not free, it costs $14.99. But you get a two weeks free trial.


Telegram has become more famous nowadays. It is a messaging app which is very secured and it is completely free.

The main features of the telegram are that it can share up to 100 images at a time. It can also share lengthy videos. This app is encrypted with end – to – end, so it is as secure as WhatsApp.


This is a free stock trading app that has following significance since its launch on android platform. It lets you invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs right from your smartphone. The best part is it is commission-free.

So, these are the Best Android Apps in 2019, let me know which one is your Favourite in the comment section.

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