10 Crazy Business Ideas that Actually Worked

Believe it or not there are certain business ideas whom we regarded to be crazy, or laughed at them. Why? Because of the following reasons:-

  • How mad a person can actually get, to suggest something like that
  • Has he become totally insane?
  • Who else on earth will potentially make use of such sort of an idea?

Well, the following queries are very natural and obvious. But, we simply overlook terming them it to be the most stupid idea we could ever come across with.

However, among the many which go unnoticed, you never know somewhere across the wide world, you may hear it getting much acclaims and recognition. Yes, in short, the idea which was up till now was a laughing stock, proved everyone wrong with its sheer number of liking and preferences. Hence, they become an inspiration for other startups to think twice as well. Considering the world we live in, we may be travelling to different parts of the world looking for better job opportunities as there is no shortage of money making tips as technology has made us closer than ever before. So, more we travel and get in touch with people, we tend to become far more creative and innovative where we tend to get different ideas, which equally help us towards honing our skills further.

Therefore, let’s take a look at ten craziest business ideas.

An anonymous marketplace

Do you know the basic ingredient of a successful business? Well, it is the level of curiosity and surprises which the certain entity can actually maintain till the end. Yes, I am talking about this specific business ideas which has been flourishing since 2007 by selling items above 200,000. Yes, their method of working is to give surprises to the customers who have to shell 10$ and they will be getting a brand new product in return, but they exactly don’t know what would it be. There are range of products in terms, of customized necklace (handmade), cool gadgets, tennis sets, exceptional books etc. The brand value of the products is equivalent to the amount and all of them comply with the legalities of trade as per U.S law as well.

Million-Dollar Home Page

How can anyone relate just a simple web page which may created few hundreds of ads can actually turn towards making million dollars? Well, that’s what has been achieved by the smartness of a student who joined various pixels on a computer screen towards creating a website. Yes, he did to sell pixel space for advertisers and the popularity can be gauged from the fact that it reached millions quickly.

Chia Pet

We may be overlooking the importance of a certain product, but that eventually comes to our rescue, if we are tired of getting ideas to gift someone. Over the years, it is not just you, who have been purchasing Chia Pet. It is such sort of small business ideas that made millions across the world who are doing as well, thus ensuring big business for them in style.

Wedding on wheels

Planning to get married with a minimal budget? If yes, wedding on wheels may just be the best option for you. Yes, a company on wheels which is actually reaching the destinations as per the requirement of calls in Las Vegas, charging just $219. It is your marriage, so naturally it will be your choice, so, based on your expectations in choosing the location which may be amidst the drop captivating fountain or other scenic beauties, your wishes will be accomplished. If you are eyeing towards a specific location, then you may have to spend hundred bucks more.

Yellow smiley Faces

We usually see cheerful faces on t-shits, car tags and you name any other place, which is often referred as “yellow smiley faces”. They are the emoticons which got its origination in 1963 who actually turned “once a crooked face” originally created by New York radio station into a happy face.


How irritatingly funny a farting sound can be? Well, this is just another one of the 10 crazy business ideas that actually worked. Well, iFart app, which was launched by iPhone in 2008, surely knew the idea of how amusing it would be for the consumers to like and appreciate the sound. Yes, as hilarious as it can possibly get, there are various farting sounds which usually go at set time intervals.

Business of crafting woods

Are you fed up of the constant staining your furniture? Has it made your even new furniture look odd, dull and old? Well, a startup namely Slobproof through the use of specially made fabric creates sofas, chairs according to your expectations and needs without creating a mess during spills. Yes, thanks to the fabric, your furniture will simply be always new.

Plastic wishbones

How a business idea with no solid ground can turn into millions? Yes, here I am talking about the strategy adopted by the owner Ken Ahroni who may have felt the associated emotional attachment of people with bones. That’s the reason, the idea of creating plastic ones came to the fore, where people associates their luck and how they can wish these bones to better their luck. (Well, for me, it seems to be a pure misconception and have no sold ground), but people are earning.

Working Vacations

How can you possibly think of working on vacations? Well, as interesting as it can possibly get, it empowers you to switch over to your dream job during your recess. Yes, most of us fancy for a specific job, which for some reasons, we couldn’t do. However, there is a startup namely “Vocation Vacations” where you can live the life of your dreams during your coveted moments. The site has been there since 2004, and has been giving best reasons for people to make a career shift with unique job opportunities.


We know that pet industry across the world has been constantly seen a boom and has necessitated the rise of associated items as well. Here, I mean pet clothing, goodies etc. But have you even thought that it could turn out to be as interesting as we have “goggles” for dogs as well. Well, yes, there is actually a company which realized the inconvenience of canines especially while moving in the hot sun as they have come up with “Doggles”. The products are a rage, courtesy social media promotion where they are actually having lots of takers too.

Afzal Zaheer
Afzal Zaheer
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