10 Slack Bots You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020


Sometimes a modern-day office can look like a documentary about wildlife if viewed from afar, especially for those working in a startup. And as much as some of us might like the excitement every new workday brings, with new untackled tasks and challenges, we cannot help ourselves and feel like we’re Bear Grylls of the modern office. And just like Bear Grylls uses various tools to survive harsh nature, modern-day employees can use an array of amazing tools to survive the business world. That’s why we decided to share with you 10 Slack bots every modern employee should use in the next year.

Vacation Tracker

Survivors are the ones who use a sharp mind to get out of the situation. However, sharpness and burnout don’t go hand in hand. To stay vital and in the game throughout the year, we have to take regular vacations. Vacation Tracker is among the best slack bots to help us out in this quest.

With Vacation Tracker requesting and approving leave takes only seconds. Employees just have to type “/vacation” in their Slack account, and after a few filling short forms, they will be ready to go. On the other side, managers are instantly notified whenever someone from their team requests leaves, and they’re able to approve it on the spot. Besides being compatible with multiple leave policies, Vacation Tracker offers a possibility of assigning multiple managers, and multiple offices leave tracking. What’s best, you don’t have to pay anything to try it out. All you need is to sign up for a free trial period.


When it comes to Slack bots for project management, Paymo is the one we should use next year (if we didn’t so far). This app makes everybody from the team on the same page, enabling them to track, plan, schedule, and invoice their work.

Slack Scheduler

Why leaving tons of work for your future self if you have Slack Scheduler? This amazing Slack bot enables us to schedule messages within the Slack app to be sent in the future. This is especially useful for teams working in different time-zones and ensures every message is seen.

Simple Poll

One of the great ways to get everyone from the team on the board is by creating polls. That’s why trying out Slack Poll is a must in the next year. All you have to do is to type “/poll” in your Slack chat and you’re ready to set the office on fire.


We have good news for avid Asana users – you can access your project from Slack! By adding Asana to your Slack account, you’ll be able to decrease the time spent on moving from one tool to another and track the progress of your task easier. All you have to do is type /asana in your Slack account, and you’re good to go.


Emails are cockroaches of the business world: they would survive even the atomic bomb. However, they are avid productivity killers (some statistics show that an average of 13 hours reading and responding to emails). PigeonBot makes our life easier by enabling us to send them via our Slack account. Just type /email and send them away!

Lunch Train

Lunch Train is probably one of the most useful Slack bots we have to use in the next year. We all know how the lunch debate in the workplace can easily become more important than the actual work. That’s where Lunch Train comes into help. Feeding the office was never easier! 


Statsbot is one of the favorite Slack Bots of data geeks! It is able to send updates based on the data organizations gathered via various channels such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel. What’s more, this Slack bot will send you an update whenever something changes in your database.


If you’re developing an app, then you have to install AppFollow to your Slack account. This Slack bot will send you details about reviews, ratings, downloads, and more to your Slack workspace.

Stop, Breathe & Think

By practicing yoga, we can control our mind, body, and soul and bring back the much-needed balance in our life. Yoga helps us in stress management and enables us to relax. Now, there’s a way to find peace, even in the office. Stop, Breathe & Think is a Slack app that enables you to share your thoughts and feelings in your Slack account, allowing you to be your best self even at work.

Final Words

This is our list of 10 Slack bots for 2020, and we hope we found something that speaks your language! Working in a modern-day office might be hard from time to time; however, we surely have amazing tools to help us stay on track. What’s your preferred tool for Slack?

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