4 Reasons Why You Must Use Tinder App Without Facebook

Facebook has become dominant in every aspect. This dominance may be in the form of users, reaching the audience through pages, embedding Facebook comments, likes, shares in the website, etc. Nearly, in all websites, you will find a Facebook like and share button. The reason is simple; every website is built to generate revenue. So, integrating Facebook buttons boost up their traffic, because if someone likes a post, it is shown to his friend profiles. In addition to this, many webmasters add signup platform with association with Facebook. In fact, many applications either Android or iOS requires Facebook linking to make an app work. The answer to all these associations is simply the growth of their business or app.

However, the majority of the people do not like to integrate their Facebook accounts into everything. The greater number of people are concerned about their privacy and account security. When you visit a website or wants to install any application, and suddenly you find a log in with the Facebook option, you feel disgusted. Sometimes, there are certain apps or websites you wish that you must use. Then an alternate option works in this scenario. When it comes to “Tinder” apps, it asks you to log in with Facebook. Unknowingly, many people started using this app with the Facebook account not realizing after cases.

So, here are four reasons that you must know why to use tinder app without Facebook. Meanwhile, you can read how to use tinder without Facebook.

1. Automatic Synchronization of Photos:

First and foremost, the primary reason you should not link your Facebook accounts is synchronization of photos with Tinder. What it does, when you associate your Facebook account with Tinder, it will automatically synchronize your public photos on Tinder without bringing in the notice to you and show up them on Tinder account. Although, it is also a Tinder facts that Tinder doesn’t post anything on your timeline without your permission.

2. Secretly Accessing Friend’s Profile and Your Contacts:

The second reason is the roaming of Tinder apps among your contacts and friends. If by mistake, you check on ‘yes’ to “view your contacts” then Tinder will scan your all contacts to bring a match for you. This is surely you don’t want that any apps are going through your Facebook friends, photos, profiles, etc. without informing you. By accessing your friend’s profiles and pictures, it reveals if you are friends with a potential match.

3. Granting Access to Security Agencies:

The third and the most important reason is that you do not want security agencies to be granted access to your accounts. Like what happened in Apple case between Apple and FBI, FBI was looking for access to iPhone data of users. No matter what will be the situation in future, you definitely will not wish that security agencies are accessing your Tinder account.

4. Online Privacy:

The last reason is, everyone is concern about their online privacy. Although different online platforms, like purchasing things, selling has eased the life. On the other hand, it has kept your privacy on the stake. By chance, if your account gets compromised then all your info will be leaked which you will never want. Likewise, if your Tinder account gets compromised, then your dating history might get public which surely you don’t want to know by everyone. Moreover there are couple of Tinder scams which is also one of the reason.

I hope you might understand the risks of using Tinder with Facebook account.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


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