4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

Blogging platform has been used for many purposes like autobiographer mentioning about their life while some business enthusiast using to make some money. There might be something interesting going through your mind, and you for that you decided to choose to write a blog but not aware of how to start? Obviously, if you are a beginner then developing a blog, maintaining it and keeping up the pace on search engine is not a piece of cake. According to the different point of view from many blogs, an average of four blogs are created every second. So, when you create a blog, a healthy competition awaits on your way. These stats are not surprising, and the figures are almost getting doubled as the awareness for a need for a website or blog increases.

Let us assume we have created our blog. Now the question arises, what makes a blog stand out in the crowd? Off-course there are several strategies those bloggers might be applying which others are not. If you are concern about a blogging career, you need to take an account of it and prepare the plan from where to start. Many bloggers dreamed of getting rich in a day, but what blogger needs to understand is patience because success does not come in a blink of an eye. You might fail in your strategies too but once you overcome those strategies a ladder to success is there for you to climb.

Blogging requires blood and sweat to achieve success. Regardless, the purpose of your blog, you need to focus on few things. Here are four important things you need to pay attention before starting a blog:

1. Selection of a Blogging Platform

With the availability of plenty of blogging platforms to choose from, it becomes difficult for you to go for perfection to start a blog. However, while selecting a platform, you must consider flexibility and scalability aspects of that blogging platform. Of all blogging platforms available in the market, WordPress has the biggest market share serving 52% of the websites across the globe. WordPress is preferred by most of the bloggers as it’s extremely beginner friendly, flexible in nature and above all, FREE to use. All you need is hosting.

Statistics shows that nearly 74.6 million websites are hosted on WordPress which is a huge figure. On facts, about 69.8 million new posts are created with the addition of 42.0 million new comments each month.

Blogging Platform Statistics
Blogging Platform Statistics

2. Selection of a Web Host

The second hurdle for the beginner is to choose a web host. You need to check some reviews online about the best host tailored according to your budget. In case you have selected WordPress to start from then you need to find best WordPress hosting for your blog. We will not recommend you to choose hosted WordPress i.e. wordpress.com. Better is to buy a baby plan from any web hosting provider.

When it come to the choice of a web host, you need to consider how much they are optimized. Check for security, uptime, speed and customer support. Initially, your blog will settle with shared hosting, but as soon as you get success and increase in traffic, you can look for upgraded hosting plans to accommodate your needs.

3. Selection of a Niche

Niche is something that needs special attention before you start a blog. You need to target the specific audience for your blog. While selecting a niche, make sure it is something which people are looking for on the internet, and your answers will provide value for the readers. Other than offering the same what people have already offered. Or you might bring some interesting tweaks so that your reader loves your post. You should also consider your personal interest because you don’t want to indulge in a niche which can bore you soon. In fact due to limited knowledge you might run out of ideas for writing your blog posts. Selecting a wrong niche is one of the primary reason why most blogs fail at early stages.

4. Know Your Competitors

Another thing to keep in mind when starting a blog is to look at who your competitors are, where they lack and where they are ahead of you. A complete study on your competitors could help you to sustain on the internet. To stay in the competition, it is imperative that you keep an eye at your competitors. You must carefully observe top blogs in your niche and see how they work. Try adapting those observations for your blog and then offer some additional values that no one else is offering. Plan and strategize something that your competitors are not doing and you’ll be able to grow at a faster pace.

These tips guarantee that you are on the right track of your blogging journey. Once you have launched your blog smoothly, things will start to get easy, and you will love learning them. Always focus on writing evergreen content and your goal must be to provide value to your readers. Having your users engaged, make sure that you have done a great job at your end

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