Saturday, September 21, 2019

Aqib Nazir

I am an IT consultant, Freelance Web Developer and an Entrepreneur. I write about blogging, SEO and Make Money Online. I am a Published author on The Huffington Post and
ISP Fees

How to Avoid Bogus Rental Fees from Your ISP?

There’s a high chance that you’re needlessly handing over your hard-earned cash to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) by renting a router from them....

Renting vs. Buying Your Own Wireless Router: Which Option is better?

If you have cable Internet, chances are that you rent a modem/router from your ISP for a monthly fee. With ISPs increasing their rental...
starting a blog

4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

Blogging platform has been used for many purposes like autobiographer mentioning about their life while some business enthusiast using to make some money. There...