How to Avoid Bogus Rental Fees from Your ISP?


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There’s a high chance that you’re needlessly handing over your hard-earned cash to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) by renting a router from them. Sure, it came highly recommended from them and was set up for you free of cost, it could even have the functionalities of both a router and a modem, capable enough to handle all of your Internet needs.

So, What’s the Issue?

The main issue here is that you’re practically tossing money away unless your ISP throws in the router lease as a part of the monthly payment plan. In which case, you’ll stand to recover your initial investment in around 10 months. You can much better than to just give your ISP some free money.

Considering the pros and cons of owning vs renting your wireless routers, BlueGadgetTooth recommends these wireless units which are easy to set up and will help you save up in the longer run.

1. Google Router OnHub AC1900

GoogleThe OnHub by Google is a very well-designed compact wireless router which offers a convenient set-up. You can even use your Android or iOS devices to set up the router within no time. It also comes with some really cool features for smart-homes.

2. Linksys AC1900

Linksys AC1900The AC1900 by Linksys is an amazing wireless router, boasting an amazing performance along with an elegant design. It is highly intuitive to set up on your own, and one of the reasons behind it is that features industry-leading user-friendly user interface. The cherry on top, considerable price cut from the other routers in the same class.

3. TP-Link Archer C5400

TP-Link Archer C5400The Archer C5400 stands to outperform every other router in its class. With all the high-speed features, it still manages to keep its body size to not much bigger than a small notebook. The compact, utilitarian design makes it a great addition to any room. The responsive UI makes it very easy to tweak it up to your requirements. The only shortcoming to this device is that it falls short in terms of wires ports.

4. Netgear AC1900

NetgearThe Netgear AC1900 offers a stellar performance on select bands, bundled along with an outstanding set of features. While some might consider the price tag to be a bit too steep, the AC1900 router stands to make up for it with blazing fast speeds and very useful nifty little features.

Final Words

The main reason for owning a router rather than renting one is to eliminate those monthly recurring fees. These days, you can easily get a modem/router combo for an affordable price that can help you start saving in the long run. While the idea of getting an all in one solution might be very tempting, if you know your needs and have a budget in mind, it could save you some money getting just a router or a modem.

You can tweak the settings to your preference to get the most out of your router, which you may be unable to do with a combo unit. Also, if something goes wrong with your router, you are not absolutely disconnected from the internet. So, make sure to conduct a brief research before you go ahead with an option and you should stand to start saving.

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