5 Advantages of Alexa


You might be aware of the big Alexa site but you might not know about the advantages of Alexa. So, in this post you will learn about the top five big advantages of Alexa and how to get Alexa Premium account free.

To get these advantages of Alexa you must have the Alexa premium account. But you may be thinking that the PRO account of Alexa cost hundreds of dollars. So, how can you buy it?. Here is the trick to get Alexa premium account for free.

Advantages of Alexa

How to get Alexa Premium Account Free

Advantages of Alexa Sign Up

Visit Alexa site and Sign up for Alexa. Add your email address. Alexa will send you confirmation in your mail and confirm it. After confirming they will ask you to set up password. Now visit Alexa Plans and Pricing and click Start free trial of advance plans i.e $149/month. Don’t worry you wont get charged for it. 🙂

Advantages of Alexa Trial

Now you will be redirected to new page, submit your info whether real or fake does not matter. Now for completing trial you need credit card or paypal account to start trial. So, we have added a virtual card you can use our credit card details. If you want to get yours virtual credit card read the tips to make a virtual credit card.

Now have successfully get your premium alexa account. Now its the time to get make full use of advantages of alexa.

Advantages of Alexa

  • You can get High Quality Do Follow Link
  • You can check Backlinks of other site
  • You can Decrease Alexa Quickly
  • Check keywords of other Sites
  • Audit report of your site

High Quality Do Follow Backlink

A big advantage that you can take from Alexa is two Do follow links. It’s a big worth if you get a DA 94 do follow link to your blog. Check here how we are linked with Alexa MUSTips. Question is now how to get it?

  1. Go to dashboard in Alexa
  2. Click add my site
  3. Add your site now
  4. Click “Thanks I am done here”
  5. Now got to Site Settings
  6. Click “Edit Site Listing”
  7. Choose method 2 for verification.
  8. You will get meta code for it.
  9. If you are using Blogspot add this above </head> or if wordpress then add in header.php file.
  10. Save it and verify your id.
  11. When you have successfully verified scroll on top you will find “edit your site information” click it.
  12. You can add site title, site description and your logo.
  13. Second part is where you can add your link with anchor text. Add it.
  14. Save now. You can also add other miscellaneous information.

Congratulation you get two do follow DA 94 link to your blog.

Check Backlinks of Other Sites

Most important factor and one of the biggest advantages of alexa is you can check backlinks of other site too.

  1. Hunt for good reputed site
  2. Go to Alexa home.
  3. Enter that site you want to analyze.
  4. On the left pane click Sites linking in. You can now easily check backlinks of other site and also you can make backlinks of your site.

But remember to be a Good Blogger and do not spam anywhere. 🙂

Decrease Alexa Quickly

Most important advantages of Alexa includes yo can drop your Alexa quickly by verifying your site and certifying your site metrics.

Advantages of Alexa Site Metrics

  1. Go to my dashboard.
  2. Click on “Get certified”
  3. Add the code you get in the side bar of your site
  4. Now click “Scan my site”.
  5. Your site will be certified in few hours.
  6. You will see your Alexa dropping.

Don’t think that this Alexa will drop with in seconds. Allow one week for it.

Keywords of Other Sites

All advantages of Alexa has their own value. I personally like this tool too. With the help of this you can check keywords of other site, on which keyword it is getting traffic, how is that article written and the country visitors.

You can access keywords of certain site on the left pane by clicking “Site Keywords” or simply visit http://www.alexa.com/keywords/domain.com replacing domain with your desired URL. Make sure you are logged in your Alexa.

Audit Report

You can also view the audit report of your site after certifying your site metrics.

Advantages of Alexa Audit Reports

  1. Go to Alexa Audit Report.
  2. Click View

You might be thinking about the advantages of Alexa in audit report. You can find out much things in this Alexa Audit report. You can find all errors that is impacting SEO of your site.

Hope you like our Alexa tips and Tricks and the hidden advantages of Alexa you were missing. We will be waiting for your response that you find this trick helpful or not and remember sharing is caring.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


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