5 Smart Phone Apps to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

You suspect your spouse might be cheating on you? There are many smartphone apps, both free and paid, available on Android and iOS that you can use to track people. It’s either shocking or reassuring to know that anyone’s mobile can be turned into a bugging device worthy of the security services.  In fact, it is much easier to spy on a cell phone than most of us think.

Here are just a few apps to spy that you could use for spying on your spouse:

1. mSpy

mSpy is one of the best and most widely used app with a lot of positive customer reviews. mSpy has one of the widest ranges of features available, looking at calls, SMS, eMails, browser history, contacts, calendar events. Of course, it also supports GPS tracking.

mSpy also provides the capacity to activate sound recording so that you can hear what’s going on around you. It even links to Skype and WhatsApp to monitor exchanges there. In fact you can log every keypress made on the phone! This is a well-supported commercial, professional application. There’s a fee for this app but it gives you access to one of the most sophisticated tools available.

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2. Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker is an unusual app in the space. It relies on mutual trust to work. Each party in the relationship installs and activates the application: it reinforces trust through transparency – a panopticon effect. Once installed, you can both monitor, share and exchange text messages (SMS), phone call history, history of GPS locations and Facebook likes and comments with your partner in real time. The argument goes that mutual monitoring is the most effective way to prevent infidelity.

Similar, but less sophisticated apps are available in the shape of Boyfriend Tracker and Girlfriend Tracker – these limit themselves to GPS locations rather than full disclosure!

3. mCouple

Working in similar territory is mCouple. Pitched as a tool to “keep ‘em honest”, this is a mutual monitoring app. When installed on yours and your spouse’s mobile, it is able to share information about current locations, share text messages, monitor calls and call history, check text messages. You can also monitor any Facebook Messenger chats that on. And, of course, whatever information you can see about your spouse, they can see the same about you.

In this case, data is exchanged from device to device. It is not shared with 3rd parties (even to a secure web portal). The developers have also worked to ensure the data sharing an monitoring can work across different platforms too i.e. you can have an HTC and your partner can use their iPhone.

4. GuestSpy

GuestSpy is one of the best rated apps to spy in the space. Once activated, it hides away behind the scenes and casually logs any calls, messages, locations visited, web sites surfed, emails exchanged and appointments booked in the calendar. The logs are made available to you via an on-line portal where you can browse for signs of infidelity.

In terms of social media activity, the app can monitor Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, KIK and several other tools. It also has the facility to record telephone calls with the device, sending an MP3 of the conversation to the portal. You can also activate “ambient listening” to hear what is going in in the environs in real-time.

5. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy, another wide-reaching app with a few unique twists. It combines location tracking with SMS, call tracking. It can record calls and listen to the immediate location. You can call the mobile and “force” it to answer so that you can catch your spouse in the act. You can monitor WhatsApp and Snapchat activities, view browsing history, see what photos and videos have been taken. You can even control settings for the app by sending a series of control commands to it – you don’t need the mobile in your hand to configure the app! Once installed, the app is invisible, pushing the data it collects to your web-based control panel.

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So maybe before you install any of the above snooping apps, you should get some advice to help decide whether you need to!

New applications in this area are changing all the time. Some are free, some have paid for services. Some of these applications are well-proven in practice.  Each has their own variation on the same basic theme. You’ll need your own research to check one which is exactly right for your circumstances. Also, the legal position on this type of activity may vary from location to location. Check what is applicable in your area.

Be warned. They all require access to your spouse’s phone to install and activate the software.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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