5 Things You Must Know As A Blogger To Stay Relevant In 2018!

Blogging has revolutionized the way we interact with people. Today, it is one of the most powerful tools to educate people and voice your opinions within your respective area. It gives industry experts a platform to raise awareness about their industry and show their expertise as a professional.

What distinguishes blogging from other sources of information is its ability to promote anything in a rapid manner. The synergy of blogging with social media marketing has made it a powerful tool to connect with your audience and increase the outreach of your online visibility.

Just like any other online technology, the rules for blogging also keep changing with the passing time. What was considered a trend in blogging in the past decade is no longer relevant today. So if you want to lead the herd, it is important that you know the latest trends in blogging.

So, it is important that we learn the blogging trends that are going to make a difference in the year 2018:

1. Create Video Blogs

People love videos as they are fun and easy to get any information. Unlike an article, a video enables the readers to glean more information about a topic in less time. In this time and era, videos make it easier for the readers to learn about anything in a more engaging and timely-friendly manner.

The growing trend of vlogging has made it mandatory for every blogger to embed videos in their daily blogging activity. So it is time to recharge batteries of your camcorder and a get a tripod stand to shoot some good videos so that you can share your story with your audience.

2. Longer Posts Will Be More Prevalent

As blogging getting more bigger and better, the rules of blogging are also getting more stringent. Nowadays, bloggers write longer articles that share actionable tips about a topic. Not only a longer post gives more insights into a topic, it also ranks better in the Google ranking.

A longer post also cuts down on the time and efforts that go into writing multiple posts as you can integrate different topics into a single post and make it an in-depth article.

3. Hone Your Storytelling Skills

Storytelling is an age-old practice in writing. The idea of storytelling in blogging draws inspiration for its ability to humanize your articles. Storytelling is an art that emotes the undertones of a situation through words. As a blogger, you can share the various events of your life that can inspire the readers or provoke their thoughts.

The use of storytelling results in higher engagement of readers which in turn attract more readers who would want to connect with your blog and learn from your personal experiences.

4. Spice Up The Design Of Your Blog

The design breathes life into your blog. The traditional blog designs are short-lived and more bloggers are migrating to more appealing and functional design. Today, the blogs look very much like any conventional website. They have sophisticated design templates and they are more functional with seamless navigation.

5. Social Sharing Will Be On A Rise

Sharing on social media is the fastest way you can increase the downstream traction of your articles. Social media is a place where you can share your articles and then leave rest of the job to the audience. Social sharing can increase the outreach of your articles in a rapid manner. When your articles get the likes, shares, and favorites, it automatically increases the engagement of your articles and people begin to take interest in your blog.


Blogging gives a canvas to people to share their thoughts and voice opinions on a range of topics. The growing trend of blogging has attracted more people to join this platform but only those are successful who keep an eye on the latest trends. Wishing you all the luck for your blogging endeavors in 2018!

Anna Marsh
Anna Marsh
Anna Marsh is the author of this blog. In addition, she is also a renowned source for students who want to buy essay online. Being an accomplished writer and veteran blogger, she knows the exact techniques that can help any blogger succeed on this platform and she loves sharing those insights in her articles. You can contact her on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.


  1. I think so the internet & social media come to change behavior of human. It’s fast life that’s good but something is bad. We have improve & active always.


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