6 Website Redesigning Tips That Increase Sales

Websites are made with great care and utter intricacy, ensuring every element is perfect as it heads towards execution. However, it isn’t just a one-time process as the web industry is a constantly evolving industry. It always demands a change with the passage of time, only to transform into something much better like website redesigning.

As a result of the ever-changing and evolving industry, a need for coping up with the latest arrives. This calls for a website redesign after every few years. Sometimes a website simply needs tweaking concerning updating the content with the latest information for visitors to stumble upon. Sometimes, there is a need of adopting a trending design simply because the current looks a bit archaic. Then at those times when your website is simply not converting any leads and hence requires a redesign. Regardless, most brands’ websites undergo this practice to continue to provide their services/products with an updated look.

While it is an important practice, there is a direct need to understand that you cannot completely transform the website into something that your regular customer doesn’t even recognize. You need to keep that familiarity intact with a hint of updated and modern look that you want to achieve. After all, visitors running away is the last thing that you want.

So you know how important a redesign is to your website to convert those leads and sell better. Now is the time to help you get familiar with the process. Here’s what we have collected from web design Dubai based agencies that recommend for website redesigning tips that increase sales:

So, this is something very obvious, but not many live up to the obviousness of the goal setting right before they begin. One main aim is to attract more visitors to increase the number of leads converted. Just a fresher look shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your website redesign. Consider coming up with two or three major goals that may or may not include better branding, updated information, user-friendly UX design, and so on.

  • Empathize with the audience

A content audience is what keeps your business running. After all, whatever you do is for their ease and pleasure. So, make it about the customers and speak their language. Step into their shoes and take a look at how they interact with your website, what their needs are. If they have any queries, whether they are making any new demands and plan your redesign around those findings. Yes, this means a lot of homework is required before you head towards the actual redesigning. If you can allocate the resources and budget, you may also want to go for a focus group of users to get first-hand information on their experiences.

  • Aim for clearer navigation

What turns away the users most of the times is a cluttered navigation that hinders the experience. Look for signs of the clutters by checking if there is a long list of links on any of the pages, if there’s a single search box or a confusing overall navigation that frustrates the customer. To do away with that, ensure you only have most important categories in the main navigation that are further divided into levels. A comprehensive sitemap can also help in ensuring the customer doesn’t get lost.

  • Improve site copy

The text on your website is crucial in so many ways that we don’t even realize. It is responsible for the total make or break as it has the power to persuade customers into buying from you. It conveys the important information to them and helps you get categorized for search engines. To empower your copy into achieving the results for you, it is best to ensure that it isn’t too short. The text must not be quite long or riddled and veiled in grammatical problems that will hurt your reputation and eventually your business in some way. Including an experienced copywriter to synchronize your business goals with the right calls to action to keep those visitors coming can help in the matter.

  • Consider graphic design

All of us want those flashy intros, sliding images on the headers and anything that adds a bit of glam to the website. Try to keep it all simple, to start with, and if you do have incorporated videos and they are necessary, make sure that you add a “Skip intro” button or perhaps an alternative page without Flash. Consider an elaborated graphic design to keep things user-friendly and accessible. Just be sure to keep those elements away that make the website look too busy, too colorful or low-contrast. Remember, less is always more.

  • Any additional features

Regardless of all the elements that you have fixed in order to get best results, there’s always going to be some room for improvement. Think of any tutorials that you can add. Perhaps a video explaining how-to’s would help understand a complicated product better. A product comparison guide could boost sales, a forum that allows customers to ask questions and get answer, a live chat feature to help them out right away, etc. There’s so much that you can do for your customers. Either research on your own or conduct a survey to find out what your customers exactly want. Also look at what competitors are doing to keep their customers.

If you create an action plan of redesigning your website with the magic ingredient of strategic thinking in your latest web development project, perhaps you can overcome your potential problems and maximize returns on time and money as you go ahead. So pen down your website redesigning goals today and transform it into something that can help you sell better.

Mariya Sabeen
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Mariya Sabeen Irshad is a creative writer by passion and a content marketer by profession – a tech-savvy who is currently associated with Dubai Monsters, a creative web design company. With an MBA in Marketing, she holds relevant industry experience and writes about digital marketing, mobile applications, web designing, career counseling, game development and trending technology news.



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