6 of the Biggest Gaming Tech Advancements in the Last 10 Years

Since the first video games became popular in the 1980s, we have seen lots of advancements in graphics, gaming mechanisms and more. All of these Gaming Tech Advancements work together to bring a superior gaming experience so that gamers can continuously marvel at and enjoy new games as they come out. So, which of these technological advancements have had the most impact?

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is often combined with 3D technologies to capture your likeness for security purposes in many mobile devices and computers. This technology is also being used in games to help recreate your likeness. Gamers end up creating avatars that look just like them, an aspect of gaming that has been shown to increase a game’s immersiveness. 

If you have the right camera, your computer or gaming device can also capture your facial expressions as you play. By scanning numerous points and zones on your face, a device can adapt to your emotions. If your facial expressions show you are having difficulty with the game, the game can turn down the difficulty rating or change some aspects of the gameplay to make the game a lot more enjoyable for you.

Voice Recognition

Using voice control on gaming systems has been around for a while now and it gives you so much control over your gaming system without having to interact with it physically. You can turn your console on and off using your voice, control gameplay, post on social media, play videos and music from your library, or search the web. 

There is a lot of potential here and, even though controllers are usually better when it comes to input on gaming devices, it would still be a good idea to see more games incorporate voice recognition into their games. 

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming remains one of the most significant technological Gaming Tech Advancements, mostly supported and enabled by advancements in mobile technology. Since the first iPhone was released in 2007 and the first proper Android phones slightly later than that, smartphones have become more powerful and capable with each generation. Where players could once enjoy 2D games on their phones, there are now complex 3D games of numerous genres available to gamers.

This computer power has enabled better graphics on phones, better gaming mechanics, more challenging games and an improved overall gaming experience. Mobile technology has also made it possible to take your favourite games on the go and this is one of the reasons why the gaming industry has grown so much over the last decade and especially over the last five games.

Even with huge game development studios taking advantage of the available smartphone technologies and capabilities to bring gamers better games, indie game developers and casinos are also taking advantage of them. 

Indie game developers can create mobile games without having to exert money, time and effort trying to bring these games to consoles or computers. Casinos, on the other hand, allow players to have access to all their favourite games on their mobile devices wherever they may be. Some casinos carry exclusive mobile titles and you can use a comparison website to find the best mobile casinos sites. The Online Casinos website also compares and reviews the best casinos in the UK, from live casinos to the best paying casinos, so players can find the right casinos for them. They also publish guides for the most popular casino games and are always adding comparisons and reviews of new casinos.

High-Definition Displays

Gaming has improved tremendously over the years, with developers not incorporating high-definition graphics on their games. These graphics allow players to experience more realistic and detailed worlds and give players more control over the game as players are better able to identify objects and even enemies.

With gaming graphics that are this good, gamers need good displays to enjoy them as they ought to be enjoyed. Ultra-high-definition 4K TVs and monitors are here and they elevate the gaming experience to levels not reached before. Even though these high-end TVs and monitors cost a few thousand pounds when they first came out, they have now become a lot more affordable. 

Even in cases where you cannot afford a 4K gaming display, there are 1440p and 1080 displays that produce far superior colours and sharpness than what was available just a few years ago.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is such a significant technology in gaming and other areas that it is sad to see that it has not grown as much as gamers expected when it was first announced. Regardless, virtual reality headsets and games put you inside the game so you can enjoy a world you would not be able to otherwise. 

The good news is that VR technology is always improving with companies like Facebook working hard to improve VR experiences in gaming and elsewhere. Game developers are also working hard to develop virtual reality games for you to enjoy.

If you enjoy getting immersed in a totally new world in virtual reality gaming, why not bring the game to a world you are familiar with? Augmented reality helps combine our world with the gaming world for an enhanced gaming experience. Augmented reality puts gaming elements in our world so you’re able to play the game physically. Players can, for example, play virtual tennis on a kitchen table without buying table tennis equipment.

Cloud Gaming

To play a game, most people would buy a console or a gaming computer. Cloud gaming is changing this arrangement by allowing you to game in the cloud. Cloud gaming uses powerful hardware to give you a gaming experience comparable and sometimes superior to what you would get on your gaming system.

Games are stored on servers and inputs are transmitted through the internet. This way, there is no limit to game sizes or gaming graphics, two things that would be restricted by the capabilities of your gaming system.

Gaming technology has come a long way, but there is still a lot more that needs to be done. For example, virtual reality and cloud gaming are still not where many people expect them to be. However, gamers will be happy with mobile gaming as technology has come so far that it is hard to think of where mobile gaming could go next.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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