6 Reasons Why Getting an MBA Online Could be the Best Decision an Engineer Could Ever Make

More and more engineers are considering getting an MBA online these days, and they have evolved a lot since their inception not too long ago. Not only that, but more employers are hiring MBAs that were formed online, and they’ve proved to be as rigorous as some of the top traditional MBAs in the country. There are tons of things that make online MBAs the perfect option for working engineers. If you were contemplating the idea of getting your MBA online, here are 6 reasons why getting an online MBA could be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life as an engineer.

No Need to Relocate

Are you interested in engineering MBA programs in Michigan, but are on the other side of the country or the world? No problem! With an online MBA, you get to attend the school of your choice no matter where you are. Online MBAs allow you to broaden the possible choice of schools you can apply for, and attend schools you otherwise wouldn’t even consider because of out of state tuition fees. 

Not having to relocate will also allow you to save money on things like lodging and commute. This is on top of the savings you’ll make on things like manuals and other fees that apply to on campus students.

You’ll Get Used to State of the Art Technology

Another thing that has made online MBAs so attractive these days is the new technology tools that make communication and collaboration easier than ever. Some of the tools that are commonly used in online MBAs include:

  • Google Docs/Drive for file sharing and collaboration
  • Yammer for communication and networking
  • Sakai to get access to course material
  • Voicethread and Join.me for real-time presentations, meetings, and feedback sessions

Another thing that’s great about online classes is that technology allows students to have even more access to teaching staff than they’d usually have in some cases. Chat tools allow you to ask questions directly to teachers during classes in a way that would be almost impossible in a traditional setting. Teachers also work hard on making sure that students can contact them outside of class hours either through email or video conference. 

Using these tools regularly will also improve your technological fluency. You’ll already have a leg up on many other students when entering the workforce, and working in an agile setting will be like second nature to you.


Another great thing about online MBAs is the wide range of students you’ll have the chance to meet. Here are the types of students you may come across during your online MBA:

Working with these types of people will not only give you a broader perspective, but it will also open the door to opportunity. You’ll have the chance to network with people from completely different markets and maybe have a chance to become partners with them at a later stage in your career. Or you may identify some needs in a market that might need to be addressed. You’ll have the chance to build solid connections that will last a lifetime with people from all sorts of backgrounds. These are the kind of things that make online an MBA so invaluable.

It’s More Convenient

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to take your classes at the time that is the best for you, wherever you are. If you were thinking of going on a long-term trip for instance, then nothing is stopping you from continuing your studies. With a traditional school, you’d have to take a gap year, which is not something that is an option for everybody.

Perfect Way to Advance Your Career

Because online MBAs are so convenient, they are the perfect choice for an engineer wanting to add some feathers to their cap, or someone working in an entry level position wanting to advance. Getting an MBA could be a great way for engineers to get access to administrative positions.

Online MBAs also allow students to accelerate their studies, or stretch them out if they want to make the workload easier. This way, you’ll get to improve your professional situation without putting everything on hold. As an engineer, you’ll be able to integrate a new set of highly valuable skills that could give you a serious advantage in your field.

Online MBAs are Highly Respected

There was a time when online MBAs were frowned upon in certain circles, but things are changing rapidly. A report by the Graduate Management Admission Council stated that “for the 2nd year in a row, 57% of colleges surveyed stated an increase in applications in 2016…up from 51% in 2015”. The Economist also reported that one particular online MBA saw its number of applications quadruple since it was instituted in 2015.

However, recognition will depend largely on the school’s accreditation. Things you should look for if you want your degree to be recognized include:

  • Regional ranking
  • Experience of the faculty
  • Years the program has been active
  • Recognized regional and national accreditation

Going with a school that is already recognized will go a long way when it comes to your credentials being respected. And not only that, but there is no way for them to know that you got your MBA online. You will get the exact same qualifications and credentials as any other MBA graduate.

As you can see, online MBAs have tons of things going for them, and choosing a reputable online MBA course could be a great way to take your engineering career to the next level. So, if you still have some questions about what online MBA programs are like and what to expect, we strongly suggest that you speak with a counselor today and see if they’re the right choice for you. Let us know how you get on!

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.



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