7 Best Tweaks For iOS 9.3.3 You Are Not Aware Of


If you are like me, then might be bored of your iDevice’s restrictions. If you have jailbroken your iPhone device with Team Pangu jailbreak release, then you need to know these best tweaks for iOS 9.3.3. I have mentioned some updated tweaks for iOS devices. These are amazingly useful when it comes to the customization of your iDevice.

Here are some of the best tweaks for iOS devices that are available in your default repositories.

1. Anemone

Anemone is the theme app that works like Layers in Android custom ROMs. This app requires additional downloading of themes from the Cydia store. Some themes are available for free. But, you need to purchase some of the best themes like Ace El Cap, Marabou and Oxygen.

This is how my iPhone looks like right now:

Anemone Oxygen iOS 9
Anemone Oxygen iOS 9

I’m currently using Oxygen iOS 9 theme which completely changes graphical interface of my iPhone. The battery icon has changed, not only that but also my boot screen logo has changed.

This is how it looks like right now:

iPhone logo
iPhone logo

Pretty cool, Huh?

If customization is what you desire, then anemone is your best tweak for iOS to download. Anemone is available free on Cydia store.

2. Harbor

If you think that dock is still not tweaked enough, then look no further, get Harbor. Harbor tweaks your iDevice dock to display the same dock icon transition effect as a Macbook. This is a minor tweak, but it creates an incredible impression on your iDevice’s overall look.


3. Apple File Conduit “2”

This is a technical iOS tweak at best. If you’re about to restore your iDevice, then you probably need to save your game progress to your PC before you clean your device. Apple File Conduit “2” works best in this case. AFC2 enables you to share your App data with your 3rd party PC applications. Through that you can directly copy and paste your save progress to your PC and restore your iDevice without any fear. To restore your progress, you need AFC2 again. You can then proceed to paste your progress and restarting your iDevice.

4. Respring

Respring is a tweak, available on the default “Big Boss” repository. It enables you to quick boot of your iDevice which restarts shell without the need to shutdown your iDevice. It’s particularly useful for iOS 9.3.3 because your iDevice is not jailbroken. Respring solves the tedious task of restarting and re-jailbreaking your iPhone just because you downloaded one tweak.

5. WhatsApp++

Ever thought about sharing your Music to your friends on WhatsApp?. If yes, then get WhatsApp++. It is a free tweak that enables you to share your Music with your friends on Whatsapp, and it does not interfere with the WhatsApp experience if you don’t mind a few minor Ads. But if you do, don’t worry there is a tweak for it too.

6. PwnTunes

If you are tired of using iTunes all the time to sync your Music. Then you should probably get PwnTunes. PwnTunes lets you copy your music directly to your device like an Android phone. Here’s a complete list of features:

PwnTunes is available for 9.99$ on Cydia store, but it offers a trial version for you to try out. I suggest you try it out, and it’s worth it.


PwnTunes is available for 9.99$ on Cydia store but it offers a trial version for you to try out. I suggest you try it out, It’s definitely worth it.

7. iCleaner

If there is a lot of junk on your iDevice, then you should probably get iCleaner. iCleaner is a revolutionary App that Cleans up your iDevice within a minute. There is also an option for iCleaner to clean up Apple’s OTA downloads and Cydia Store dependencies. To see how the app looks like under the hood.

Here is a Screenshot:



iCleaner is available for free on Cydia Store. It’s an excellent tweak. You can get it from the store.

Well, This all best tweaks for iOS. Do you have any more tweaks that you would like to suggest? Do let me know in the comment section.

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