7 Convincing Reasons Why Your Business Should Go for VPS Hosting

You have always been a person who wants to lead rather than following orders. You grew up listening to success stories of most successful entrepreneurs, so you decided to start your own business instead of working under the supervision of someone else. There are many online opportunities, such as reselling hosting, e-commerce store, dropshipping business, and so on With people spending more time online than offline, you decide to invest in a dedicated website for your business. This begin your search for the right web hosting provider. This is where things start to get a bit confusing as technical terms starts to creep in. For a non-tech savvy entrepreneur, understanding tech jargon could be challenging. This is why they end up choosing the wrong option when it comes to web hosting and suffer greatly due to it. Here are seven reasons why VPS hosting is a better bet for your business than other web hosting options.

1. Full Control

When you opt for a VPS web hosting, you get full control over the hosting environment. As a business, that is exactly what you want. This means that you can easily share your server with hundreds of different people. Moreover, you can run any application on the server and implement security measure according to your needs. Users can even choose an operating system of their own. Unlike other web hosting options which don’t provide that much freedom, VPS empower users and give the peace of mind and control businesses can only dream of.

2. Higher Performance

One of the biggest advantage of opting for a VPS hosting is in terms of performance. Business owners don’t have to worry about performance even when the server is shared between multiple users as the performance is maintained. Service providers allocate dedicated resources for VPS, which means that performance will be buttery smooth. Whether it is storage, memory, processing power or bandwidth, you will have ample resources to handle everything without any hiccup.

3. Foolproof Security

Security is another area where VPS server takes the crown. Unlike shared hosting where resources are shared between multiple clients, VPS offer much better security as it dedicates a single virtual machine for a single customer. What this means is that even if one user security is compromised others won’t feel the pinch of a cyber security attack. This also helps in restricting the radius of damage cyber-attacks can cause. VPS providers allows access to data files and keeps the source protected, which minimize the risk of data breach. All in all, VPS hosting does a much better job at securing your digital assets as compared to other hosting options.

4. Scalability

In today’s dynamic business world, your small business can grow and so is its business needs. That is why you need a hosting solution that can easily meet your current and future needs. VPS hosting providers offers the scalability your business is looking for. Whether you want to add a new server or add multiple servers, you can do that easily with a VPS hosting. Unlike dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting give you more room for business expansion that too without too much overhead cost. This makes it a great choice for businesses who want to expand their business every year.

5. Portability

Application portability is one of the biggest challenge dedicated server owner face. Even if they manage to port their application on a different sever, it takes painstakingly long to do so. Thankfully, you don’t have to face similar application portability problems when you choose a VPS hosting. Porting applications from one server to another is a breeze with VPS hosting. Another advantage of choosing VPS hosting is that the service provider pushes updates almost instantly by moving the image of the server without any delay. This also keeps your servers up to date and secure.

6. Lower Cost

When factor in the cost you must pay for acquiring VPS hosting and compare that with other hosting options, you will come to know that it is much cheaper as compared to other hosting options. If you choose dedicated server hosting, a single computer is rented or allocated for a single user’s exclusive use. Even though, this might offer you more privacy but will lead to a larger bill. On the other hand, VPS hosting will cost you much less because you don’t need a separate computer to be allotted to a user. Everything works on virtual machines which reduce the overall hardware costs.

7. Round the Clock Availability

When you purchase hardware, not matter how good it might be, there are chances for hardware failure. Small businesses can not afford to quickly replace older hardware with newer ones or could afford expensive business contingency plans. With VPS hosting, you can easily eliminate the hardware failure factor from the equation, thanks to virtualized environment. This means that you get round the clock availability without spending a ton of money on exorbitantly priced hardware. You can get the best of both world with VPS hosting.


After reading this article, you might have made up your mind in favor of VPS hosting. VPS hosting offer multiple advantages over its competitors that makes it a worth considering option for small to medium sized businesses. They are more reliable, cost effective and delivers top notch performance while letting you room for expanding your business. What is the biggest advantage of VPS hosting in your opinion? Which benefit forced you to opt for VPS hosting? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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