Getting to the search engine top by use of internet marketing for target keywords requires a reasonable amount of time and work. Even though you possess some understanding of the way keyword research and search engines work, it is not easy to push the rank of your page, let alone stopping the position of the results. There are a lot of things to research, plan, and compare before launching your SEO strategy. The tools below provide best website reports that play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your SEO strategy.

1. Google Analytics

Just like the way air is for human beings, Google analytics is for online marketers. You cannot live without Google analytics. If you are not using it, it is recommended to begin using it immediately. There is no other source of data that gives detailed and high-quality info like this tool. In the era dominated by Google, it is just what you need to work with. Many other SEO tools lie on the data of Google by the use of API. You cannot ignore this tool because it is the source of all actionable and imperative data about the site.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster or GWT is the food eaten by online marketers. It is kind of a misnomer. It is crucial for SEO because it focuses on optimization and search. Some insights of this tool originate from just looking at the dashboard. Marketers and SEOs need to stay updated with this dash on a regular basis. This tool provides similar data analytics but in a straightforward and simple way. There is less tweaking to do with the numbers but it is easy to access them.

3. Keyword Planner

Since the replacement of the keyword research tool, the keyword planner is a premier way to research keywords. It is easy to find they keyword planner because it is as simple as logging into AdWords, got to tools, and then go to the keyword planner. When you are carrying out a research for keywords, it is recommended to start with this tool. This tool provides a lot of functionality of the former keyword tool. However, the focus is on generating AdWords rather than just the organic keyword research. As a premier keyword research tool, you cannot do a lot of research on your own minus this tool.

4. MozBar

MozBar is a game of knowledge and one of the best SEO extensions. When you give it a thought, SEO has so much to do with knowing the necessary stuff. This tool helps in discovering the required stuff all at once. The button of this tool is found on the toolbar of the browser, a place where activities are ongoing. You can position it on the side, top, or bottom of the browser window at any time. The tool bar has page attributes, page elements, and link data. Page elements display bolts and nuts of the op-page SEO, page attributes show onsite optimization features, and link data has ranking factors for info on the links of a site.

5. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This tool gives you the allowance of plugging into the URL of any website, even when it is not yours, and generates a report. This tool does not provide new things but helps save time used in analysis. It also gives background info on the sought data. The report is detailed and quick. Data like HTTP headers is in a location that you would not normally check. You will also have helpful icons that will tell you when you are doing well or you require giving something close attention. These tools also teach you SEO alongside SEO data which matters.

6. Woorank

At first, woorank seem like any other freemium site analysis tool. Upon inspecting it closely, however, it hands you insights in not so obvious info. You will be able to analyze any site and get a report within seconds. The geodata this tool will give you is very insightful even though the analytics provides the same info. Social shareability is a crucial section as only a few analysis tools have the ability to aggregate this data in one place.

7. QuickSprout

This tool is a perfect free site analyzer. It has a clean visual layout that is intuitive, providing o lot of crucial info to you. The feature it works hard on is competitive analysis. Succeeding online involves knowing the progress of your competitors. Web info is always free for looking. This website analyzer provides a helpful perspective on your site alongside that of your competitors. If you are a serious SEO guy, it is important to invest your cash in the right tools.


There are several SEO tools that provide best website reports in the market. You need to choose one depending on your online marketing goals. Some of the top ones include Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Keyword Planner, MozBar, SEOWorkers Analysis tool, Woorank, and Quicksprout among others. You can either choose free or premium SEO tools. Do your research well so that the choice you settle on gives you a competitive edge over other online marketers who operate in your niche.



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