9 Most Popular Productivity Extensions for Chrome [Infographic]

Today, more and more businesses are empowering their employees with latest technological tools and resources. The motive is to increase productivity. Multi-tasking may not bring the best out of you but it certainly makes an impact on the total output.

Productivity is determined by a number of factors and technologically driven actions are easier most to manage. For example, the browser or the everyday applications that we use.

Extensions, as we know increase the functionality of the applications that we use. Your browser company cannot come up with additional features with every release, hence the use of browser extensions.

Chrome is way ahead of other browsers at the moment. Statcouter reported 55.68% of market share for Chrome this September. This means more than half of the browser market is captured by Chrome.

Developing extensions for Chrome hence makes it viable these days, both from business branding and commercial perspective. Android store is full of Chrome extensions in various categories. You name it and it will show a list of extensions in multiple categories.

This comprehensive infographic focuses on some of the most popular productivity extensions for Chrome.

Most of them are simple and easy to use. I am not saying that these would boost up your productivity to unimaginable levels but certainly help you to systematize your daily work.

Peggy Morgan
Peggy Morgan
Peggy is an accomplished learner. Business and technology are her favorite subjects. After spending good 7 years into writing and blogging, she is now trying her hand at digital marketing. Of course, Content is her fort but ‘How to make the content saleable?’ is what she is trying to be good at. She believes ‘Skilled marketers wouldn’t have been selling still, if they knew it all’  Peggy can be reached at – [email protected]


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