A Perfect Mobile Casino to Play in Summer in 2022

If you have not decided what you can do during the remaining summer months, think about trying to gamble in online casinos. Plenty of New Zealanders have already tried this kind of entertainment, and you can also give it a shot.

Even if you have already determined your itinerary for the next few weeks, there will definitely be some time when you will be bored — waiting in an airport, for instance. So, you can check out the best mobile casino sites at ParadiseCasino and pick a platform you like most of all. If you have never played casino games and do not know the main criteria for selecting one, we have prepared this post for you. Read on and find out how to determine a mobile casino that will be suitable for you.

An app or a browser version?

Some experts are discussing and arguing this point. However, the most essential in this choice are two factors:

  • Do you have a stable internet connection?
  • Do you have enough storage space on your smartphone or another mobile device?

To play instantly in the browser version, you need to have a mobile internet connection of high quality. To play in an application, you also need a web connection, however, the signal can be a bit less powerful. In terms of device storage, a lot of users have stopped paying for internal smartphone storage and are using cloud storage instead. And in this case, an application is unnecessary since it will occupy the space that you might need. Therefore, choosing a casino playing mode (browser or app), we recommend paying attention to the availability of a permanent strong internet connection and storage space. In other respects, it is a matter of your preferences. There is no right or wrong answer here.

Before you create an account in a particular casino, we recommend paying attention to the conditions of playing on a desktop and a mobile. Make sure that the range of games, the available payment options, and the welcome bonus are all available for mobile gamblers, just like for desktop ones. The majority of contemporary casinos offer the same gameplay and experience for desktop and mobile players alike. However, it is always worth checking before creating an account.

Desktop or mobile — A casino has to be reliable

The first rule in choosing a casino to play with real money is determining a reliable and reputable casino. For this purpose, you need to either find a trustworthy reviewer that collects the information online and tests casinos. Alternatively, it is possible to determine such a casino on your own. For this purpose, you need to check its licence and the certificates confirming independent audits; look for comments and feedback online; and test this casino on your own. This process is time-consuming, and not everyone is ready for this. Therefore, we recommend the first option.

Protect your device

If you are going to play on your smartphone, make sure that you have antivirus software installed on it (for Android devices). Some might also recommend switching a VPN on. This might be useful, however, it is essential to make sure that you will not be using a service the servers of which are located in one of the countries restricted in a chosen casino. There might be problems with cashing out the winning since having the suspicion that you are residing in a restricted country, a casino will refuse to process your withdrawal request.

If you are going to make a payment by using Google Pay or Apple Pay, make sure that your device is reliably protected, and two-factor authentication is set. This is necessary to make sure that no one else can make use of the financial details in case one manages to intercept them.

Select light summer themes

You will likely select slots to spend your free time in summer. And of course, there are plenty of games that are themed in such a way that your summer mood will always be great. Find slots with fruits, cocktails, and other entertainment symbols. The bonus rounds and extra spins are sure to provide you with an unforgettable summer gambling experience.

Mind gambling dangers

Playing on the go is convenient, and a lot of gamblers have already understood how great it is to have the possibility to play favourite games instead of feeling bored in a traffic jam. However, it is easier to get addicted to games if you are playing on a smartphone than gambling on a desktop. That is why to make sure that mobile casinos will satisfy you, not a bunch of problems, make sure that you do not gamble for too long and do not spend too much money. These are the main rules to stick to protect yourself from addiction.

Final say!

Of course, summer is for spending time with friends and close people near the coast. However, there might still be waiting times, and mobile casinos are a great solution to ensure that even a few hours at the airport will not be boring.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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