Advantages of Push Notification For Your Blog

We have all heard of web push notification in today’s world of marketing. In order to get more clarity, you should understand what is the use of these notifications and why you should have them on your blog. A lot of experts have suggested that these are very helpful and beneficial and can actually make your dream as a successful blogger come true.

In this post, we are going to enlist the advantages of push notification in detail. Keep reading to find out more and we promise this will be a useful read to you!

What is Push Notification purpose in today’s generation?

Push notifications are generally delivered in real time and can appear as an alert. You can use them for a whole variation of marketing activities. There are some cases where these are used extensively such as sale events, new blog posts, latest new alerts, flight notifications, score updates etc.

1. It gives you insane traffic

The first benefit is that it drives insane traffic towards the website and will be very helpful if you are blogging or publishing a post on a regular basis. More of the traffic leads will help you get more paid subscriptions. Apart from that, it will give you more visibility and allow you to get more revenue from advertising. The web tends to give bloggers and publishers the gateway to drive more traffic and readers.

2. More opportunity to communicate with readers

Another massive advantage is that the subscriber will be able to communicate with readers at a faster rate. Either he will close the notification or he will click on the notification which is taken towards the content. Publishers can use this functionality by sending content instantly with the help of these notifications such as stock market updates, breaking news, weather forecasts and so much more. This may also become like a digital nudge which encourages the subscriber to learn more.

3. It allows readers to know the uniqueness of your brand

Pillar posts happen to be the foundation of the blog. If your subscribers aren’t taking a look at the content there, it will be difficult for them to understand the whole brand impact. A few services can also offer you drip feed campaigns and this will help your viewers see the most valuable and important content. An important tip to remember is that instead of letting the users subscribe to all your blog updates after which they get updates regarding new blog posts, nurture the new list of subscribers with content that is useful. Help them understand the ideology of the brand and use important content so that they can learn more about it.

4. More people are likely to use it

More people are likely to use this because it is a simple one click process. There are no sign ins required. Maximum, the person will require an email address. This also makes the feature opt-in compared to emails. There are several studies which showed that these notifications have the rate 10 times the rate that has been built on any email build list. Having this will enable you to reach readers faster that you have reached. That definitely makes things simpler, doesn’t it?

5. It is actually very simple and easy to use

Setting this up is simple and easy to do. The set up can be done within a span of five minutes. Users are able to collect more subscribers that way and send notifications at a faster rate to all their subscribers. One of the biggest advantages is that you can improve the whole experience of notification for your readers by setting up a trigger of opt-in. You can also set up the segmentation of the subscriber list, target notifications of segments etc.

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Sarah Techs
Sarah Techs
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