10 Best Anime Streaming Sites Compiled for 2022

With anime becoming more and more popular, fans are looking for the best anime streaming sites in the market. There are several best anime streaming websites available online but how do you know which anime sites are safe and reliable? Which have the best anime movies and shows collection? Well, we tried and tested hundreds of anime streaming sites to pick out the best ones for you! They have the best anime video collection, premium quality and several more remarkable features which distinguish them from other sites.

We have compiled the 10 best anime streaming sites for 2022 down below as endorsed by anime community.

  1. 9anime
  2. GoGoAnime
  3. Watchcartoononline
  4. AnimeHeaven
  5. Chia-Anime
  6. AnimeFreaks
  7. Funimation
  8. Anime-Planet
  9. AnimeDao
  10. Crunchy Roll


9anime is among the top anime streaming sites of all time! The anime website is used by millions of anime fans globally to watch anime online because of its huge video library and easy-to-use user interface!

9anime boosts a ginormous collection of hundreds and thousands of anime movies and tv shows and several exclusive anime titles. You can watch anime that is English subbed as well as dubbed anime! All the videos are in premium HD quality and you won’t have to worry about streaming poor quality anime! Additionally, the buffering speed of all the videos is spectacular on this anime website! Thus, your video streaming experience will be completely seamless!

The best part is that you can watch anime movies and shows online on 9anime for free unlike other popular anime sites! The anime website does not charge its users a single cent! Now you may think that because the site offers free anime, it will be full of ads and pop-ups! Well, you will be surprised to know that 9anime is one of the safest free anime streaming sites that do not have any ads! The anime website used to have ads but the developers have now removed them to protect users from malicious viruses and malware! Hence, you can enjoy watching your favorite anime series without any worries!

9anime also has the best customer service that is available 24/7! If you can’t find your favorite anime title on the site, you can reach out to them and they’ll add it to the site within a day! Moreover, you also don’t need to register or create an account to stream thousands of anime series. Simply open the website, search for your favorite anime show and begin watching it!


Another free anime sites among fan-favorite best anime streaming websites is GoGoAnime. The site has been a staple for worldwide anime fans for several years now!

GoGoAnime offers users a huge video library that has all the popular and classic anime series and movies. They are categorized into genres to make it easier to find your desired series. The site is updated regularly to ensure that users can access and watch any and every anime movie and show they want! GogoAnime has English subbed as well as dubbed anime. Thus, you can watch anime movies and shows online according to your preference; in its original language with English subtitles or dubbed in whatever language you want.

Anime fans can also make their own watchlist and schedule list on GoGoanime. Thus, you can save your favorite anime show or movie to watch it in the future. Moreover, you can also download series and movies on your laptop via GoGoAnime! This will allow you to watch your favorite series even when you don’t have access to the net!

GogoAnime has a TV app! You can download it from the Microsoft store and stream your desired videos on your TV in Ultra HD quality! You can also download the site’s mobile app on your Android or iPhone and stream unlimited series! All the content on GoGoAnime is free! However, the site is full of ads and it is best not to click on any of them as they could download malware on your device. Some of the downloaded content is not among the free anime. You will have to pay a small subscription fee to download it.

10 Best Anime Streaming Sites Compiled for 2022
10 Best Anime Streaming Sites Compiled for 2022


With its ginormous anime video collection, Watchcartoononline is among the best anime streaming websites of all time! The site offers spectacular anime streaming services . It has anime movies and shows in all categories, from comedy to adventure to action! There is a separate category specially made for kids! Thus, the site has got something for everyone; adults, teens and kids!

Watchcartoononline is compatible with all devices; TV, Android, iPhone and laptops! All you need is a stable internet connection and you can watch free anime online on watchcartoononline. Moreover, the site does not have a subscription fee and it is among the top free anime streaming sites! Thus, you can enjoy several premium features for absolutely no cost! It does have a few ads which can be annoying but this is the only way to make the site free of cost.

Watchcartoononline is the best anime streaming site as its sound quality and video quality both are outstanding! The pixels are also great and you can enjoy unlimited videos in premium HD quality. You can also download them to watch them offline. The site also has English subbed anime as well as anime dubbed in various languages.

For those of you that have trouble picking a new anime series or movie to watch, Watchcartoononline recommends videos based on your previous watch history. Thus, it will pick out and display shows and movies that it thinks you will like! The site also has a help option that allows you to reach out to a customer service representative and solve any issue that you’re facing. You can also submit a request for a new anime movie or show to be added to the anime video collection. Hence, you can watch any and every anime online on watchcartoononline.


AnimeHeaven is the best anime streaming site for millions of anime fans because of the wide variety of features it offers including anime classics from 1970! The site is easy to navigate and hosts hundreds and thousands of anime movies and series.

AnimeHeaven is known for its spectacular premium quality content and it offers the best anime streaming services. The site never compromises on quality and every single video on it is available in HD quality. Additionally, the videos are categorized into genres to make it easier for users to find a show based on their liking. The site also offers English subtitles as well as dubbed high quality anime videos. Thus, you do not need to know Japanese to watch your desired anime video!

If you’re traveling or don’t have access to the net, don’t worry! AnimeHeaven allows you to download entire seasons for streaming offline! A mobile app for the site is also available.

AnimeHeaven is a free-to-use website! Even the app has completely free anime! You don’t need to pay a single dollar to access the ultimate anime library on AnimeHeaven! However, there are a lot of ads that may make the streaming experience slightly annoying and uncomfortable.


Another spectacular anime streaming site on the market is Chia-Anime. The site is used and loved by hundreds and thousands of people all over the globe.

Chia-Anime has several excellent features which make it stand out from other free anime streaming sites. It offers high-quality content that anime fans can download easily. The website is compatible with all devices and even allows you to download any anime movie or series in MP4 format on any device!

Chia-Anime features fast buffering speeds and load times! Its huge video library is categorized into romance, action, thriller, doctor,adventure, etc. This allows users to easily navigate the site and find popular anime movies and shows that they would be interested in.

Chia-Anime is a free-to-use website that is completely safe! The site does not install any malware or viruses onto your device! Thus, you can enjoy watching your favorite anime video without any stress on Chia-Anime!


AnimeFreaks is an all-time favorite anime streaming site for anime fans that has been on the market for several years now. The site is popular due to its reliability, high-quality content, and good buffering speeds.

AnimeFreaks has hundreds and thousands of anime movies and tv shows, from the classics to the latest released videos! The site has over 1400 videos! The best part about AnimeFreaks is that it gives users access to several links for their desired anime video. Thus, if one isn’t working, they have another one to fall back on! All the videos are subbed! Unfortunately, only a handful are dubbed which may be disliked by fans who’re into watching only dubbed anime.

Anime movies and TV shows are categorized into newly released, alphabetical order, and genre-related. This makes searching for new anime videos that suit your needs easier! The site is completely free to use! Additionally, you can also download videos from AnimeFreaks for absolutely no cost! You are given the option of choosing the video quality of your downloaded content. Thus, if your internet speed is low, you can opt for a lower-quality video that will download videos considerably faster.


Whether you want to watch Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, Funimation is the best anime streaming platform that has any and every anime movie and series. Its content library is huge! It boasts hundreds and thousands of titles. The titles are organized into categories which makes the site highly user-friendly! There is also a What’s New! section that allows you to keep tabs on the latest anime titles.

Funimation has free anime as well as paid content. The free anime includes several videos and they are high quality. However, there are several ads that may make your streaming experience irritating! You can opt for a premium subscription for $5.99 per month! This will give you access to unlimited anime content! There will be no annoying ads and you can watch as many subbed and dubbed anime series and movies as you want! Additionally, you can share the account with a friend or sibling as two people can stream videos on one account simultaneously.

Fans can also opt for the Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra which gives them access to more streaming screens and exclusive Funimation events! They can even download the content for streaming anime offline!

Funimation is one of the few websites to watch anime that is compatible with all devices including laptops and mobiles. You can also use it with your Smart TV including your Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung smart TV, and LG smart TV. Unfortunately, the streaming service is not available in all countries. As of now, users living in the following countries can access Funimation and enjoy watching anime online; U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.


Anime-Plant is among the popular anime websites that is a cult favorite! It has a huge viewer base as it has got something for everyone including children, teenagers and adults!

Anime-Planet has thousands of anime videos and users can access them all for free! The site has no subscription fee! The exact number of anime videos on Anime-Planet is over 45,000! The site has several outstanding features including a watchlist where you can save shows to watch at a future date. You can also track the number of episodes you watch per day on Anime-Planet!

You can watch anime of high quality on Anime-Planet! All of the videos are available in HD print. The sound quality of the videos is also superb. The site has subbed as well as dubbed versions of videos in various languages. You can access the site from both, your laptop as well as smartphone.

Anime-Planet is among the most popular anime sites because of its user-friendly interface. The site has several categories and responsive templates which make the streaming experience seamless for all users.

This anime streaming website is completely safe! It does ask for your personal information when you watch anime online or leave reviews. However, the site does not share any details with third party sources. Additionally, you can also download your desired content in MP3, MP4 of HD format! This option is given underneath each video which makes downloading videos from Anime-Planet extremely easy!


AnimeDao is a reliable anime streaming website that has become quite popular recently to watch anime. It has a video library consisting of over 2000 anime movies and series! All the titles are categorized into genres including romance, vampire, space, music, psychology, etc!

The site is regularly updated with latest anime, unlike most anime websites! Thus, you can access all the newly released latest anime on AnimeDao. Moreover, the site also sends out notifications for newly added titles. This helps you keep track of new anime series and movies that you may be interested in. You can also bookmark tv shows and movies to stream at a later time. Additionally, the site has a light and dark theme. You can choose the one you prefer. This helps set the perfect mood and background for streaming your favorite series.

AnimeDao has fast streaming speeds! You can watch your desired anime episodes and movies without any pauses! Additionally, you can read reviews and information about shows and movies from their thumbnails. This makes choosing a new anime series or movie easier!

AnimeDao’s autoplay feature allows you to watch anime online without having to hit the next episode button constantly. Thus, you can enjoy a more seamless streaming experience on this site!

The only con to using AnimeDao is that you can not download any videos on it! Thus, you will also need an active internet connection to stream anime movies and shows on AnimeDao.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is another great anime streaming site for watching anime shows and movies. The site has been a staple for anime fans as it offers several spectacular features.

Crunchy Roll has a huge video streaming library that is full of newly released as well as classic anime movies and series. The distinguishing feature between other anime websites and Crunchy roll is origina titles! The site has some original anime series like The Rising of the Shield Hero and A Place Further Than the Universe. Moreover, the site has a free anime version where you can access hundreds of free anime shows! However, this version is supported by ads which can irritate several fans. The paid versions start at approximately $7.99 and offer several premium features.

The paid as well as free versions of Crunchy Roll have premium quality anime content and subbed and dubbed versions! However, anime content becomes available on the free version one week after the premiere date in Japan. Alternatively, paying customers will have access to all anime episodes and videos on the same day of their release in Japan!

You can access crunchy roll from several devices including Smart TV, Chromecast, smartphones and gaming consoles like PlayStation! Moreover, a unique aspect of Crunchy Roll is that it offers exciting anime merchandise! Several books, clothes and Japanese snacks are available for sale on the website! You can read about Best Sports Anime Of All Time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Streaming Anime Videos

Anime lovers who loves to watch Japanese anime online, have a couple of question before they watch their favourite anime on free anime site. We have covered all questions from our anime lovers.

Where to Watch Anime Online? Which are the best anime websites

From our editorial pick GoGoAnime is among the best anime websites to watch. There are several other anime sites including Crunchy Roll, 9anime and AnimeDao for watching anime.

Is it legal to Watch Anime Videos Online?

It’s not illegal to watch anime online as long as the anime websites where you are watching anime has obtained licensing agreements.

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