How to Make a Bed in Minecraft?

How to make a bed in Minecraft? What can you use it for? 

Like humans need to sleep and regain their energy, your Minecraft characters need to catch up on their beauty sleep too! And, of course, you can’t let them sleep on the floor and break their back! Hence, you will need to make a bed for your character to sleep on. 

Our Minecraft guide covers everything you need to know about making a bed in Minecraft. 

Making a Bed in Minecraft 

Beds are not just meant for sleeping in Minecraft! They are also your spawn points in different realms. Thus, you should have a bunch of beds all around the Minecraft map to spawn close to the point of your death. Otherwise, you will spawn in the world’s default location, which can be hundreds of miles away. Then, you will have to make your way back to your death point to complete your mission. 

Making a bed in Minecraft
Making a bed in Minecraft

You can make countless beds in Minecraft because they are effortless to make. You only need two items for this; wooden planks and wool. Additionally, you will also need dyes for making colorful beds. 

Wooden Planks-

Locate a tree of any kind. It can be acacia or oak or jungle, or any other type. Then, chop it down using your fists or tools like axes. This will drop woodblocks which you will then use to make beds in Minecraft. 

Now that you have your wood blocks open your crafting table and put one wood block in one of the slots. This will give you four wood planks. 


Firstly, you will need to look for some sheep. They come in four basic colors white, black, light grey, and dark grey. Find the sheep of your choice and get its wool using shears. If you let it remain alive, it will eat grass and regain its wool. Alternatively, you can kill it. It will drop mutton and wool upon its death. 

You can also kill spiders and get your hands on string. Four strings can then be crafted into wool via the crafting table. You can add any colored dye to the crafting table menu to dye the wool to your desired color.

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If you do not want a basic bed, you can dye your wool and make unique colorful beds. Mentioned below are all the dyes in Minecraft and how to get them. 

  • Red Dye– Place either poppy, red tulip, or rose bush on the crafting table and get the red dye. 
  • Yellow Dye– Craft a dandelion or sunflower on the crafting table to get the yellow dye.
  • Brown Dye– Cocoa beans are used as a brown dye. 
  • Green Dye– Get this by smelting cacti.
  • Blue Lapis Lazuli Dye– Use a lapis lazuli directly as a blue Dye.
  • Black Dye– Use an ink sac obtained by killing a squid as black dye. 
  • Light Grey Dye– Craft an azure bluet, oxeye daisy, or white tulip to make this dye.
  • Gray Dye– It is obtained by crafting a bonemeal and ink sack together. 
  • Pink Dye– Get this from peonies or pink tulips.
  • Orange Dye– Get this from orange tulips. 
  • Lime dye– Craft Green dye and bonemeal to form lime green. 
  • Light Blue Dye– Blue orchids are used for making this.
  • Cyan Dye– This is made by crafting green dye and lapis lazuli together. 
  • Purple Dye– This is made by crafting lapis lazuli, and red rose together.
  • Magenta Dye– This is made using lilac. 

How to make a bed in Minecraft? 

You can make white wool in Minecraft after collecting three wood planks and three white wool. Open your crafting table. Now place three wood planks in the bottom row of the crafting menu. Next, place three wool of the same color in the middle row. Craft them together, and your new bed will be ready for use! 

How to make a bed in Minecraft? 
How to make a bed in Minecraft? 

How to make a colored bed in Minecraft? 

You can make red, blue, green, or any other fantastic bed! You will need to dye the wool first. Craft the Dye and wool together to get your desired color on the crafting table. You can also select a sheep and permanently color it with a specific dye color to get unlimited colored Dye. Now, follow the same steps as before to make a bed. Place three wood planks and three colored wool balls on the crafting table to get your newly colored Minecraft bed.

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How to make a colored bed in Minecraft?
How to make a colored bed in Minecraft?

Uses of Bed in Minecraft

Beds have the following uses in Minecraft. 

Uses of Bed in Minecraft
Uses of Bed in Minecraft


You can use beds to decorate your buildings in Minecraft. You can also place two of them together to make them appear queen-sized. 


Beds require two blocks of space. They serve as your sleeping areas. Press on the bed, and your character will lay down and sleep on it. Sleeping will allow you to skip from sunset or sunrise and avoid getting hurt by hostile mobs at night. However, you can only sleep on the bed at night and when no enemies are nearby. If an enemy is close to your location, the game will not allow you to get on the bed. 

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Spawning Points 

Beds are also your spawning points in Minecraft. Thus, if you dye during battle, you will respawn at your bed instead of the location’s pre-determined place. This way, you can place a bed close to your mission area and respawn close to it. This will save your time and energy.


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