Control Warrior Deck – One of the Top and Best Hearthstone Decks

Are you looking for a deck that will equip you with armour along with numerous powerful minions and spells? Well, look no more because the Control Warrior Deck is perfect for you. It is one of the top Hearthstone decks in Hearthstone that aims at taking down your opponent. You can clear the board of minions, allowing you to take control of it and providing you armour and various Hero Powers. By arming you with some powerful minions, it will enable you to deal massive damage to your opponent.

Best cards from Control Warrior Deck

Some of the best cards to have in your opening hands allow you to gain control of the board from the beginning are; Imprisoned Gan’arg, Armagedillo, Shield Slam and Frightened Flunky. Cards from Control Warrior Deck will be useful against slow decks as well as mighty opponents.

Strategy for cards from Control Warrior Deck

  • During the mid-game, it is best to use minions like HeckleBot and Scrap Golem while regularly using enemy minion removal cards to allow you always to have the control of the board.
  • Control Warrior Deck cards ensure that you have many pathways to victory. With its powerful late-game minions and the Archivist Elysiana card, it allows you to replace your whole deck.
  • To armour yourself sufficiently and protect your health, use the Hero Power Armor Up along with spells like Shield Block. Moreover, you can also use minions like Armorsmith and Eternium Rover.

17 Best Control Warrior Deck cards – Top Hearthstone Deck

The 17 best cards in Control Warrior deck along with their abilities are mentioned below:

1) Brawl

This classic spell card destroy all except one of the minions on the board; clearing it completely. The only con here is that you don’t get to decide which minion card doesn’t get destroyed. Therefore, the card can destroy your most powerful minion while leaving one of the enemy’s minions unharmed. It also does not silence the death rattles of the demolished minions. The cost of this card is 5 mana crystals and is best to use when your enemy has a lot of powerful minions while you have a lesser and weaker minion.

2) Kargath Bladefist

This Rush Minion card is of legendary rarity and costs 4 mana crystals. It reduces the health of your opponent or an enemy minion by 4 after which it gets destroyed. The minion also has a death rattle that adds Kargath Prime into your deck.

Kargath Bladefist

3) Deathwing Mad Aspect

Deathwing Mad Aspect legendary minion costs 8 mana crystals. It attacks minions during his battlecry in random order and has 12 health and attack points.

Deathwing Mad Aspect

4) Shield Slam

This is a warrior spell costing 1 mana crystal that deals one damage to each enemy minion for every armour point you have.

Shield Slam

5) Galakrond- The Unbreakable

Galakrond- The Unbreakable warrior card costs 7 mana crystals and gives the hero to deal a massive amount of damage to the opponent when invoked. Its battlecry also summons minions and considerably increases their stats.

Galakrond- The Unbreakable

6) Archivist Elysiana

This Minion costs 9 mana crystals, and her battlecry will reload your deck with potentially useful cards while also delaying fatigue by as many as ten turns. She allows you to replace 10 cards in your deck by discovering 5 cards having two copies each.

Archivist Elysiana

7) Omega Devastator

A 4 mana warrior minion that allows you to damage an opponent minion by 10 points when you’ve 10 mana crystals. It is best to save this card for the end. However, if necessary, you can also use it in the early stages where it will deal 4 points damage to the opponent.

Omega Devastator

8) Imprisoned Gan’arg

This warrior minion card costing only 1 mana crystal remains dormant for 2 turns after which it generates 2/2 attack and equips you with the Fiery War axe. This axe deals a 3 points damage while having a health of 2.

Imprisoned Gan'arg

9) Frightened Flunky

This is another minion in this deck that costs 2 mana crystals and has the ability to deal 2 points damage to your opponent while having a health of 2. Moreover, its Battlecry enables you to summon a Taunt Minion.

Frightened Flunky

10) Restless Mummy

The Restless Mummy minion costs 4 mana with a 3/2 attack/health ability. This minion is reborn after it gets destroyed to allow you to take down another 3 health points minion.

Restless Mummy

11) Bloodsworn Mercenary

This epic Rarity minion costs about 3 mana crystals with 2/2 stats. Its battlecry enables you to summon a copy of a friendly damaged minion.

Bloodsworn Mercenary

12) Ancharrr

This card allows you to equip your hero with a Pirate Warrior that deals considerable damage to your opponent. This is one of the cards that you should prioritize in mulliganing in the initial stage of the game.


13) ArmorSmith

This warrior minion equips you with armour. It increases your armour by 1 each time one of your minions gets hurt. It costs only 2 mana crystals and therefore ideally, you should use this card at the beginning of the game.


14) Shield Block

This warrior spell card increases your armour by 5 while also allowing you to draw a card. It costs 3 mana crystals.

Shield Block

15) Sword and Board

The Sword and Board Spell only costs 1 mana crystal and allows you to deal a 2 point damage to an enemy minion. It also allows you to equip your hero with 2 armour.

Sword and Board

16) Grommash Hellscream

This Warrior Minion of legendary rarity costs 8 mana with 4/9 Attack/Health. Upon activation of his enrage ability, it deals +6 damage to your enemy.

Grommash Hellscream

With a win rate of 50+%, this slight pricey Control Warrior deck makes up for its money by enabling you to almost always emerge victorious if you play your cards right.

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