Hearthstone – 7 Top Hearthstone Decks to Watch out

Are you a game lover who loves competitive games like Hearthstone? Or perhaps you are on the lookout for something interesting to occupy your time with? Well, no more because the Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft is just the game to make your boring quarantine super exciting. Use top Hearthstone Decks, weapons, spells and minion cards to make your way up the ladder. Hearthstone is exciting and easy to play online game that is sure to keep you intrigued with its attractive graphics and interactive boards.

Unlike traditional card games, Hearthstone brings in new cards and removes the old ones from time to time to keep players interested and motivated.

How To Play Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a digital online card game free to play. This game requires you to strategically defeat your opponent by reducing their health to 0 to emerge victoriously and climb up the ladder. To do this, you must choose the cards from a deck of 30 cards available in your collection (you can have as many options as 400 cards in your collection). After selecting one of the nine hero classes. You can be whatever you want; a mage, priest, demon hunter, Paladin, Warrior, Rogue, Druid, Hunter or Shaman. Each hero has a specific power used to turn the tides in any close battle along with class-specific spell cards.

Hearth Stone Game Rules

A coin toss determines which player goes first after which each player picks their starting hands from their respective deck of 30 cards; 3 cards for the first player who is the winner of the coin toss and 4 for the second. Due to the strategic advantage that the first player has, the second player is given an extra fifth card, The Coin, which provides them with a temporary additional mana crystal for only in the first turn. This makes the battlefield entirely fair, giving both players an equal opportunity to win.

After the acceptance of hands by both players, the match officially begins. Players will then take turns to draw cards from their deck and play using the cards that are in their hands. To play a card, the player must have sufficient mana crystals to pay for it mentioned on the top left of the card. In the beginning, each player gets one mana crystal. At the start of each turn they get one more mana crystal allowing them to have a maximum of 10 crystals. The spent mana crystals are also refreshed, enabling you to use them again.

7 Top Hearthstone Decks

1. Control Warrior Deck

Control Warrior Deck

Control Warrior Deck is one of the top Hearthstone Decks and a traditional warrior archetypes in Hearthstone that has always existed in the game. Although it undergoes modifications with each expansion. This deck helps you in defeating your opponent by destroying armed minions and providing armour through Hero Power and other cards. It also arms you with some really powerful minions that cause high-level damage to your opponent. So, the main game plan is to gain control of the table by removing all opponent threats while using minions and Hero Powers to bring down the other player.

Control Warrior deck is a little expensive, but it is a marvellous investment with a 50+% win rate. It is excellent in combating Aggro decks which are released in the initial days of expansion and serve as an incredible Meta pick at the same time.

2. Token Druid Deck

Token Druid Deck

Token Druid one of the top decks of Hearthstone has been an archetype in Hearthstone time and again with its play style varying every time. But its winning condition has remained the same throughout its history. Token Druid is an Aggro deck in which you let as many hands as you can out on the board and then buff those minions using Power of the Wild, Blessing of the Ancients and Savage Roar. Using these buffs at the right time will help you win with this deck.

This deck is one of the reasonable top Hearthstone decks via which you can easily climb up the ladder. Its win ratio is 60.1%.

3. Zoolock Deck

Zoolock Deck

Zoo warlock or Zoolock is a Hearthstone’s top decks that do not fit in aggro, control or midrange. It varies according to the deck type it’s playing against. Against aggro, Zoolock acts as a control deck whereas, against midrange deck, Zoolock acts as an aggro. The main game plan is to put as many of minions on the board to take charge of the board. Later, you can trade with the opponent and a mindset of maintaining your control over the board throughout to win.

Zoolock is one of the cheaper and best Hearthstone decks which is easy to understand as well. Once you have mastered the deck, your win ratio becomes 60.1%, and through it, you can easily rank up.

4. Bomb Warrior Deck

Bomb Warrior Deck

Bomb Warrior Deck is one of the top decks in Hearthstone which fits in the control category. Your primary strategy would be to fill your opponent’s deck with bombs so that their health drops. Initially, drop a few minions on board to help remove your opponent’s drops. You can opt to drop Bladestorm if there are minions of the same health on the opposite side of the board or even drop a bomb or two using Clockwork Goblin to get a headstart. Later on, in the game, you can use Brawl to wipe out all of your enemy’s minions. Keep shuffling your bombs as you go ahead in the game to win.

Bomb warrior is one of the costly but top Hearthstone decks due to the presence of bomb synergy cards. Although, it does look quite promising in raising your rank with a win rate of 54.52%.

5. Battlecry Shaman Deck

Battlecry Shaman Deck

One of the major and top decks in Hearthstone is Battlecry Shaman deck. Battlecry Shaman excessively use of Battlecry Minions to bring down the opponent. You receive the Hero Power – Heart of Virnaal on the completion of the Corrupt the Waters Quest. Virnaal Hero Power allows you to double the minion’s Battlecry effect. You should use an Evil Totem card to remove enemy minions when playing with this deck.

Galakrond Card from Battlecry Shaman Deck

Galakrond- The tempest is one of the most powerful cards. We can use in combination with the Virnaal Hero Power to generate 4 8/8 Elements with a rush. This strategy helps to cause high-level damage to your opponent.

Although this is not the cheapest deck in the game, but a highly worth its money with a win rate of 70+%. This’ll allow you yo climb the ladder and become a Legend faster than most other decks.

6. Face Hunter Deck

Face Hunter Deck

Face Hunter is an aggro deck. It focuses mainly on the usage of hero power so that you can face your opponent before he has a chance to retaliate. Although all of the cards in this deck serve the purpose of damaging the opponent, you have to find the perfect order to play your cards to win. A useful tip is to start your game with Clear the Way or Toxic Reinforcements Side Quests.

Face hunter is budget friendly with a win rate of 58%. This means you can become a legend at a not so very high cost.

7. Pogo Rogue Deck

Pogo Rogue Deck

Pogo Rogue Deck is one of the top Hearthstone decks added to The Boomsday Expansion Project. Your main strategy when using this Hearthstone deck is to have as many Pogo-Hoppers as you can on the board. It would be best if you tried to have a Pogo-Hopper on board at the start of the game to get the upper hand. Moreover, it would help if you duplicate your pogo-hopper so that you have as many as possible to win.

The crafting price of Pogo Rogue is quite reasonable. However, its winning ratio is less than 40% which makes it a not so good deck. But, if instead of giving up on the deck, try harder and put in the extra effort to increase your winning ratio.

We predict that you have like the list of our top Hearthstone Decks list. If you think we miss one of your favourite https://wescoal.com/buy-silagra-sildenafil/ Hearthstone’s top decks just ping us. We will be happy to update and review your favourite top decks of Hearthstone

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