Does Snapchat Restore Streaks?

Snapchat is an app which introduces its users with a distinctive event created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, students at Stanford University. It is completely based on the idea of fading memories that do not last forever and are for a temporary period. Snapchat is often an art form. Embarrassing photos and video clips of you and your friends are instantaneous instead of being long term. Ongoing Snapchat streaks depend on the two friends efforts.

Snapchat streaks are gaming between you and your friend. Photos and video clips of you and your friend last for only ten seconds and stories last for a day. Moreover, pictures and video clips can be personalized using effects and filters. Many people are in love with streaks, so they keep on posting. Losing a streak could be annihilating of course as you and your friend has been maintaining a streak for years.

Want to get a Snapchat streaks with one of your friends and keep it going or have you lost a Snapchat streak and want it to get back?


What Exactly is a Snapchat Streaks?

A streak means that you and one of your Snapchat friends have both snapped each other a picture or video clip within 24 hours for at least three consecutive days. Once you have started a streak a flame (Snapchat trophy) with number will appear next to the name of your friend. The number beside the flame (emoji) tracks the number of days you have kept the streak going.

To keep it going you and your friend will both need to send each other a snap or video clip every day. Texting does not count towards your streak. If you see an hourglass (emoji) next to your friend’s name, then your streak is about to expire. Make sure you send them a snap soon to keep your streak.

How to Keep Going a Streak?

A streak is a hard-bitten to keep on going than you think. Streak is surely easy to start but hard to keep it going on. Begin a day by sending a video clip or snap to each other. If your friend has not returned your video clip or snap back. Send them a reminder that you are waiting for a reply.

If time is running out to save your streak, you would see an hourglass emoji. An hourglass emoji means that you are running out of time. And if the time runs out means your streak has died.

You and your friend need to exchange your streaks every day before it dies. If you know, you and your friend both snapped each other within 24 hours but your snap streak has disappeared you can report the issue to this app to get back.

How to Restore Streak?

To do this you need to fill out contact on the website.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Tap contact us.
  • Then, select my Snapchat streaks disappeared.
  • Then, tap yes and enter your information below.

Millions of people have the same problem and fill up this contact form every day.

If your Snapchat streak is disappeared, and you have a question whether Snapchat restore streaks or not. Then the answer is yes and all you have to do to get it back is follow the above method. That’s everything you need to know to get and keep a Snapchat streak and get it back if you lose it.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.



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