Gelbooru – 5 Facts about the Best Anime Image Resource

Gelbooru is considered one of the biggest and most significant safe image resources available online. This acts as a far better alternative to the user-supported anime and hentai website source – Danbooru. Gelbooru does host various Lolicon and Shotacon images, which are far closer to the ones available on Danbooru.

Here are some of the reasons why Gelbooru is a best anime image resource

1. No Account needed for Gelbooru

Gelbooru provides a full access account or, for that matter, any account. This account is not required to search for more than two tags at once. For example, the user can search for “Grey_Hair ponytail beach Skate_beach large _ice_cream” on Gelbooru. However, on the other hand, on various other sources such as Danbooru, you can only search for “Grey_hair ponytail” if you do not have an account.

Hence, even if the user does not want to make an account on Gelbooru, he or she can still search for several tags without creating an account. This makes the platform extremely user-friendly and convenient to use just like Gogoanime.

2. Thousands of Lolicon and Shotacon Images

Gelbooru has in store thousands and thousands of lolicon and shotacon images. As compared to the other platforms such as Danbooru, which cannot be even compared as it lacks way behind. This shows that Gelbooru overall goes for variety. The user, when opens such a platform, does look for a vast range and does not want to be disappointed by getting “Image Cannot be found.” This is where Gelbooru outshines the other platforms as it has an image for each demand of the customer and never fails its visitors.

3. No Maintenance Downtime and Lag

In terms of all the maintenance downtime and the lag, Gelbooru is excellent. The software of such resources plays a huge role in working. No user would want to go for a platform which generally has downtime and keeps buffering or stopping. In a world of internet today, we all look forward to accessing platforms that come up with the excellent speed and do not waste our time buffering.

4. Free Account

Gelbooru allows any number of customers to visit the website and create a free account. It showcases a plethora of hundreds and thousands of images that can be accessed by the user free of cost without having to pay anything. Moreover, the notion that if something which is free compromises on the quality is not right in the case of Gelbooru.

This Japanese made Hentai website is known for providing its customers with the best quality images. Even the sign-up process of the site is quite simple and does not demand a lot of time. All that a user needs to do is to sign up either through Google or Facebook and get access to million + images and start drooling over it.

5. High Quality of Western Art

Another premium feature of the this platform is that it allows a very high quality of western art, which means that Gelbooru focuses a lot on the quality aspect.

Overall, Gelbooru is one of the best sites to land at and to search for the millions of image types without compromising on the quality.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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