Hay Day Strategy to get Diamond and Coins

Hay Day is a widely played game over 5 millions player all over the world. In this post i will share Hay Day Strategy to get Diamonds and Coins. The most important thing that is required in this game are coins and diamonds so they are difficult to increase quickly. These Hay Day Strategy that I will share is easy and mind tactics in order to get many Hay Day Coins and Diamonds.

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Hay Day Strategy to get Diamond and Coins

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Hay Day Strategy to get Coins

Hay Day Strategy to get Coins

Coins in Hay Day are easy to get but the items included in Hay Day are too expensive that your coins can turn into zero with in purchase of few items with in the game. Here you can read point wise Hay Day strategy which can give you more coins.

Before wasting your remaining coins plant as much trees and bushes as you can. When the fruits are grown on plants and trees sale them with full price. This will definitely increase your coin when that tree or plant is dead. But it has a major drawback it can leave your farm looking odd means full of dead plant although this Hay Day strategy will also help you to increase your level most frequently.

Secondly, most important Hay Day Strategy that will increase your coins is by selling 1 coin wheat with 10 coins. You can easily find 1 coin wheat in paper.

This Hay Day Strategy is for humble people :P. Remember whenever 2x visitor coins event starts, plant more and more trees and plants you will get huge revenue from those fruits. Try to collect things of same kind, as the Visitor will ask you the things which you have most.

Never the less keep an eye on treasure in the Farm, Town and Fishing area, sometimes it also gives you 1000s of coins.

Check the lucky wheel truck near neighbourhood, stopping on stars also gives you coins and one more turn to spin again you can get three stars from the lucky wheel truck.

Important tips for coins you must consider for Hay Day Strategy: Don’t sell your things to visitors as they give you much less coins on the product on which you can get more coins by using your shop. Don’t do truck delivery until it is the event for 2x coins of the truck.

Hay Day Strategy to get Diamonds

Diamonds are most important and required thing in this game. However to get diamond is really difficult. So, this Hay Day Strategy will help you to get diamonds more frequently in the game.

First way to get diamonds is to do mining and this is great Hay Day strategy because after every third mining you get a diamond. It will help you to increase the diamonds.

Secondly keep an eye on pink colour card near the paper. It contains the trailer of other games. You get upto 2-3 pink cards daily, when you are completed with watching trailer you get a diamond, same following with other pink cards.

Thirdly keep and eye on red treasure box on your farm as well as on your friends farm sometimes it give you above 5 plus diamonds. Also look onto the treasure in town in the sea ans in fishing area in the pond.

Try to complete achievements in farm, fishing area and town. It gives you 2,5 and 10 diamonds on completing achievement.

Important tips for diamonds you must consider for Hay Day Strategy: Don’t use your diamonds in opening further treasure or completing products etc, try to use them in expanding the machine quota of processing items.

Don’t waste your diamonds in expanding your shop boxes. It can also be increased by adding Facebook friends.

Hope you like our post on Hay Day Strategy of getting coins and diamonds and saving diamonds and using at the right moment where it is much necessary. Must check out our post on Hay Day Strategy including Hay Day hints of fishing area, truck deliveries and visiting customers. Also learn on getting hay day achievements in quick span of time.

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