How to Play HayDay on PC


This article about how to play HayDay on PC is very useful and informative if you are a HayDay player. This post will help you to play HayDay on PC easily by following few simple steps.

By the way I am also and HayDay addict. So, I was searching through the internet on a way how to play HayDay on my PC. But felt unsuccessful with all the ways I found.

How to Play HayDay on my PC
How to Play HayDay on my PC

There was a method to play android games on pc but initially few months back I tried but unsuccessful due to internet was not working on the android emulator. But a month back i found a working way for how to play android games on pc.

Two weeks ago I wrote about the way to play android games on pc, we will use the same way to play android games. I am writing here the way to play android games on pc in short but if you want to read in details you can check this post how to play android games on pc.

What things you need on How to play HayDay on PC

  1. Android Emulator: The best one is BlueStacks you can download it through their official site.
  2. They will ask you sign in or sign up with your gmail id, it’s up to you what you choose. But our recommendation if you want to play existing game then you need to sign in with the same id as of your old game. But if you want to start a new game then sign in with other id in case if you don’t have then sign up.

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Steps on How to Play HayDay on my PC:

When you have completed above steps, follow the next steps to install HayDay on pc.

When you first see BlueStacks screen hover your mouse to search and click it.

Step1 - How to Play HayDay on PC
Step1 – How to Play HayDay on PC

Now the second part is add HayDay on search item and click Search Play for HayDay.

Step2 - How to Play HayDay on PC
Step2 – How to Play HayDay on PC

After you have searched a new screen will appear which suggest you to install. Click install.

Step3 - How to Play HayDay on PC
Step3 – How to Play HayDay on PC

Now you have successfully downloaded and installed HayDay. Open it.

Step4 - How to Play HayDay on PC
Step4 – How to Play HayDay on PC

This is the preview of how HayDay looks like on PC

Preview - How to Play HayDay on PC
Preview – How to Play HayDay on PC

Hope you like the way on how to play HayDay on PC. If you face any problem at any point you can comment us and we are ready to help you. You can also watch the below video to learn more.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


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