How to make the classroom Engagement with Blooket

Blooket is a new online tool created by experts to help teachers make learning fun! It is an out of the box unorthodox idea that has proved to be revolutionary in the field of education! Using blooket, teachers can increase classroom engagement and make learning competitive and exciting. They have the option of creating their own classroom specific question decks and choosing from a variety of game modes in Blooket. They can then share these with students to quiz them and help them study and review material. You can find out about how to make a classroom engagement with Blooket down below.

What is Blooket? 

Whether you’re teaching in an online or on-ground class, Blooket is your best friend! This revolutionary tool has transformed the way students can review and retain information. Blooket offers an authentic learning environment where classroom engagement is maximized. 

Blooket makes use of review games to improve classroom management. However, these are no ordinary games and nothing is comparable to Blooket’s games. Teachers can create their own questions or choose questions from Blooket’s database. Then, they can select a game mode. Several game options are available on Blooket. Next, they’ll get a code that they can share with students to allow them to join the game! 

What is Blooket? 
What is Blooket?

The competitive spirit of Blooket makes learning fun and exciting. It improves classroom interaction and engagement which in turn improves retention of information. Additionally, students and teachers both are able to keep track of records to see which topics need improvement. 

How to Create a Classroom Engagement with Blooket? 

How to Create a Classroom Engagement with Blooket? 
How to Create a Classroom Engagement with Blooket?

Follow the steps given below to create a classroom engagement with Blooket. 

  • Creating a Blooket Account
  • Using Blooket learning games will require students and teachers to create an account. This is a fairly easy process that will barely take five minutes. 
  • Choosing a Question Set on Blooket 
  • Next, teachers can create a question bank specific to the topic they want to review. They can also import question sets. Alternatively, Blooket’s database hosts thousands of question sets for hundreds of topics. You can use these Blooket Question sets to test students. 

Selecting a Game Mode on Blooket

Blooket offers 18 unique game modes. All of them are amazing and teachers can select the one that suits their needs best. 

Selecting a Game Mode on Blooket

Sharing Game ID With Students

To begin the game, teachers can host the game for students. They will get a code that they must share with students. Students will go to the Blooket website and select the “Join a Game” option. Then, they will enter the code provided to them and the game will begin! 

Teachers can use a projector to display the question set in physical classrooms. For online classes, they can simply share their screens! 

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Blooket Review game

Once all the students have joined, teachers can start the game on Blooket. A series of time-limited fast-paced questions will appear on the screen. Students must answer the questions within the given time slot. 

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Analyzing Blooket Results 

Students will learn about their right and wrong answers through the Blooket game. They can track their Blooket record to see how well or how bad they are scoring. 

Additionally, teachers can also analyze the results to know which student performed the best and which one performed the worst. They can then help students review the topics they scored badly in again! 

Analyzing Blooket Results 
Analyzing Blooket Results

Blooket Features 

Blooket has the following unique and helpful features that improve classroom engagement. 


Blooks are individual game participants. Thus, each student is known as a blook and each blook is represented by a virtual character. The character is a different animal for each student. This makes it easier for teachers to track individual students easily on Blooket. 


Blooket Account

Students and teachers need a Blooket account to use this spectacular teaching tool. 

Blooket Set Builders 

Blooket allows teachers to create their own question sets using easy to use Set Builders. Alternatively, teachers can import question sets made by other teachers into their game. They can also customize their set using questions from Blooket database. Thus, teachers have several options to create an ideal question set on Blooket. 

Blooket Customization

Teachers have complete control over their review games on Blooket. They can set the time limit for each question, choose unique questions for each game, and edit game settings. Thus, teachers can make sure that the review games fit all the needs of their students. 

Blooket Favorites

Blooket allows teachers to save their favorite question sets on the dashboard. This allows them to easily access the best question sets and allows students to play them multiple times. 

Blooket Free and Paid Versions

Blooket offers a free as well as paid version! 

The free version is fantastic! It offers all the Blooket features and teachers can use it to maximize student interaction in class.

The paid version is for teachers who want more detailed reports! It allows you to track your student’s performance in a better and more efficient manner.  

Blooket Events 

Blooket features several events. These events add seasonal limited-time games to the Blooket Game List. Additionally, Blooket hosts giveaways where it gives various gifts to those students who perform well. 

Student Reports on Blooket

Blooket allows teachers to track the statistics of their students. In this way, they can know which students have maximum engagement and the best scores. They can then give a little push to those students who aren’t participating or are scoring low.

Students can also track their game records. They can then find out which topic they’re weak in and get extra help from their teachers. 

Motivating Students through Blooket

Through competitive interactive games, Blooket makes learning fun and motivates students to work harder! Scoring the best in games and getting appreciated publicly by teachers will give them the push they need to do their best in class! 

User-Friendly Blooket Interface 

Blooket hosts a user-friendly interface. It is easy to design question sets and play review games on the website. 

Teachers and students both can easily navigate the site to make maximum use of Blooket. 

Hosted Games on Blooket

Hosted games require teachers to act as hosts for the game. Once the players have joined, they can begin/pause/end the game according to their desires. 

Homework Games on Blooket

These are solo games on Blooket. Students don’t need a host to begin the game. They can play it on their own as part of their homework! Classmates won’t be able to join each other’s games or view each other’s scores. 

Blooket Games 


The Blooket features 18 games which are listed down below. 

  • Battle Royale 
  • Racing 
  • Santa’s Workshop
  • Classic 
  • Tower Defense 
  • Factory
  • Candy Quest
  • Solo
  • Cafe
  • Blook Rush
  • Gold Quest 
  • Fishing Frenzy 
  • Tower of Doom
  • Crypto Hack
  • Crazy Kingdom 

Blooket Rewards

Students will get Blooket rewards for answering questions right. They can use these to buy power-ups or change their Blook.

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