Nail Microsoft 70-742 Test Easily with Practice Tests

Beyond producing cutting-edge software that is shaping the future, Microsoft worthily stands among global corporations providing a wide array of IT certifications and related exams designed to help one grow their professional skills. There is thus an abundance of Microsoft certifications meant to sharpen one’s wit in various technology fields such as administering Windows Server and Cloud computing. As several examples to draw, there are some popular Microsoft credentials that include MCSA: BI Reporting, MCSA: Web Applications, MCSD: App Builder, MCSA: Windows Server 2016, to list just a couple. And though Microsoft has rolled out new role-based certifications, that are mostly skills-focused, the previously issued credentials which are knowledge-based are still in high esteem and can be obtained. One of such is the MCSA Windows Server 2016 and from this article, you’ll get to know to pass one of its exam 70-742 and get this prestigious badge.

What Does 70-742 Exam Entail?

The Microsoft 70-742 dumps test is one of the three assessments needed for a professional to pass in order to become MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certified. The other two tests include 70-740 and 70-741.

Here, the Microsoft 70-742 exam focuses mainly on the identity functionality available in the Windows Server 2016. This test covers tasks as well as considerations related to AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services) installation as well as configuration. It also encompasses topics like configuring Group Policy objects, and extends to the implementations of AD FS (Active Directory Federations Services), AD CS (Active Directory Certificate Services), and Web Application proxy.

To provide a broader overview, this Microsoft exam is available in many countries for online proctored delivery, and administered in various languages such as English, Chinese (Simplified), French, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, and German. The internationally accessible 70-742 test contains 40 to 60 multiple-choice issues which are expected to be completed within two hours. Finally, a candidate should pay a fee amounting to $165 each time they sit for the exam. 

Besides, it is advisable to confirm the exact price with the provider prior to registering for the test as you can reschedule or cancel the test within five business days. More, special discounts are offered to individuals who are members of the Microsoft Partner Network Program and Microsoft Certified Trainers, among others. There are no special requirements to individuals sitting for 70-742 exam, though it would be highly advisable to be familiar with the implementation and management of Active Directory Certificate Services, as well as Web Application proxy.

How to Prepare Properly for 70-742 Exam

Are you worried about preparation strategies needed to adopt in order to nail this test? Worry no more as below you will be advised on a clear and proven approach enabling you to ace the Microsoft 70-742 exam with ease. 

  • Learn Test Objectives

Every candidate wishing to sit for this assessment should be aware of its objectives as well as the topics tested. Consequently, you can access the ideal curriculum on the Microsoft official website. A clear understanding of the exam objectives and subject areas makes you get a comprehensive overview of the exam and prepare for its topics adequately as passing the tests entirely depends on your thorough preparation.

  • Train with Exam-Labs Practice Tests

Clearing up, practice tests contain sample exam questions together with answers and even explanations. During your preparations process for 70-742 exam, you can use these excellent files to hone your level of readiness for the exam. With this in mind, the most recommended website is Exam-Labs which contains verified and accurate collection of practice tests in 70-742 Premium Bundle, coupled with a training course, and an exceptional quality study guide, altogether for just $24.99. Moreover, there are free exam dumps downloaded by recent users and which can also serve as a reliable training tool.  

  • Benefit from Online Training

This Microsoft authorized online training covers topics such as Directory Services and Securing Identities and Information. Deeper, Directory Services is supposed to be covered in four weeks with a commitment of 4-5 hours per week. On the other hand, Securing Identities and Information takes six weeks with a supposed effort of 2-4 hours per week.

  • Get Prepared with Instructor

This way, the instructor-led training can be taken either in the classroom or on-demand. So, it is upon candidates to select what suits them best. According to the instructors at Exam-Labs, “There are several advantages attributed to classroom training taking five days such as live class attendance either in person or remotely, an opportunity to ask the instructor questions, and an option to get the official exam materials from the coach, amongst others.” Contrarily, on-demand training implies that an individual gets the same material but with an instructor whose speech is being recorded. So, arrange your preparation schedule wisely as you will have around 12 weeks to access the above materials. 

  • Analyze Publications

Books are highly qualitative physical information carriers used to prepare for 70-742 exam. Their value should not be underestimated since most of them exhaustively cover all the exam objectives. For 70-742 test, you can reach Exam Reference Identity with Windows Server 2016 purchased from Microsoft Press Store in book, e-book or in a combined format. By studying with it, you will acquire in-depth information related to the test, and become proficient to demonstrate your real-world mastery of identity features as well as the functionality of Windows Server 2016.

Future Career Prospects

To sum up, MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certified professionals are surely able to qualify for positions like:

  • Computer network specialist
  • Network administrator 
  • Computer systems administrator

Taking this into account, as per Pay Scale, the average basic salary of such an associate-level qualified specialist varies from $73,000 per year up. More perks to add, this salary does not include allowances and promotional opportunities that may arise in your career!


Indeed, Microsoft 70-742 can be a challenging exam requiring the passers to utilize ample materials in the course of their preparation. Conversely, accomplishing this test will ascertain that you can fluently perform all tasks related to Windows Server 2016 identity. 

So, take your time and start the preparation straight away so that you will not rush during the last hour. Make a step with practice tests and become a competitive computer network specialist with the most updated skills.

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Marie Foster
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