Low-Code Platform Has Revolutionized the Mobile App Development Industry


In today’s mobile-first world, all business enterprises, regardless of their size, need a mobile app to boost customer engagement and drive sales. A mobile app has emerged as the most convenient and effective medium to connect with the customers and keep updated on their needs and preferences. Therefore, all businesses are looking to getting onto the digital platform and safeguard themselves from being rendered obsolete.

However, in such a scenario, two crucial elements play the most vital role-time and budget.

In today’s dynamic business ecosystem, apart from delivering a proficient mobile app, its faster development and timely deployment are also equally important. The quicker your app hits the market, the brighter are its chances of acquiring a greater customer base. And as per the recent statistical studies, this mobile app demand is only expected to grow up to 5 times in the impending times. Also, the budget is a high constraint for most of the business organizations. Almost all enterprises come with a fixed budget for meeting their mobile app development needs.

Now, this is where low-code mobile app development comes in the picture.

What is Low-code App Development?

Well, a low-code app development platform allows the mobile app developers to use pre-configured models and thus, automate all the stages of software development life cycle. There is no need to develop a new code from scratch, which in turn, maximizes the velocity and makes the process of mobile app development and delivering new functionalities very quick and convenient.

Significant Benefits of Low-code App Development

The growing need for mobile apps is constantly driving new and inventive tactics of app development. There is a major shift from traditional practices with an increasing number of organizations opting for low-code mobile app development to build adept and engaging apps. Let’s us have a look at, some of the pronounced benefits of this platform, which can help you in making the necessary shift.

  1. Low-code platform comes with a set of inbuilt visual editors that diminishes the need for having proper knowledge of specific languages. This allows even the non-technical builders to create interactive apps without any difficulty.
  2. In case of non-low-code platforms, each and every line of development code has to be defined from the start. This increases the chances of errors and makes the entire process very time-consuming. Sometimes, it even takes years to build an app, which in turn, makes the app concept stale and out-of-date. Also, creating apps from scratch is a more expensive process.
  3. With low-code, you can build apps for all the platforms, namely Android, iOS, and Web simultaneously. On the other hand, if you create apps from scratch, you need to write the script individually in JavaScript, Objective-C, and HTML5 respectively. Therefore, developing a cross-platform app falls extremely laborious and costly.
  4. Remember, app development is an ongoing process. Even after you have launched your app, you need to keep up with regular app updates, bug fixes, etc. to meet your user expectations. With a low-code platform, introducing updates as well as offering new features can easily be done in a couple of minutes.

Now that you have learned the multifarious benefits of the low-code platform, let us understand the important factors you need to keep in mind for building quality mobile solutions.

Visual Development of the App

App developers can simply drag and drop different elements to see the design and responsiveness of the app interface. Here, the Android or iPhone app developers can acquire sufficient knowledge about the various devices and their screen sizes, pixel densities, etc. This helps the developers in understanding the layout and functionality of their app across devices.

Organizing Business Operations

Low-code platforms make it fundamentally easy and uncomplicated to streamline the business operations by offering a single point of control for all app upgrades, scalability, and app maintenance. This helps business enterprises to enhance their efficiency and thus, stay ahead of the pack.

Final Words

Low-code platform is a great technology that is helping business enterprises from around the world in establishing a robust mobile presence. Apart from reducing the time to market, the platform helps organizations to align their business with IT, improve productivity, bring down the costs by substantial margins, streamline business processes and guarantee transparency in all activities.

This truly amazing platform has created ripples in the mobile app development industry and has acquired a high demand across the globe.

Arun Goyalhttps://www.octalsoftware.com/
Arun Goyal is Managing Director at Octal IT Solution, leading Web & Mobile App Development Company offering dedicated hiring for your development needs.


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