Selected KPI to Measure Your Mobile App Development With

So, the first and foremost thing for those who don’t belong to the app world, what is KPI? KPI is key performance measuring standards. Another question fumbling the non-technical heads is what’s the use of these standards. No worries, let’s just keep it simple. KPI is used to analyze the performance of an app after they are launched in the app store. If you think, the work of Android or iPhone app development company gets over once the app is launched then you are totally wrong.

A reputable and quality assured company never do that. Post app launch, there is a bucket full of things to be taken care of. So, what are these ideal KPI to measure the performance of your app with? To be honest, there are plenty of them and you can’t use all of them. So, here we have a handful of them picked for your app. Let’s know them.


1) Number of Mobile App Downloads

Yes, of course, one of the basic yet highly prioritized KPI. You indulge in all those app development processes: hire resources, design, develop, test and deploy an app for what? So, it can reach more and more users, they download it and your app ranks at the top of the app store. Undoubtedly, revenue generation is the ultimate agenda. The way to revenue passes through download figures.

2) Number of Installations

Installs is a nice way to assure that the download was actually completed and the installation and setup process is actually accomplished. Installation and set up process will confirm the download is done.

3) Source of Installation

Well, from the mobile application development side, the source of installation is not going to add any value. This performance measuring metric is valuable from the marketing point of view.

4) Type of Keyword Used

Well, this is one of the most important measures from SEO point of view. Keywords play a major role in getting found in the app store and reaching that ultimate download button. There should be a keyword strategy used to make your app stand out in the heeds of apps in the app store.

5) Number of Views to the Installation

This app measuring metric will help you track number of times any user will visit the app listing before they finally hit the installation. This will assist in measuring the effectiveness of the listing.

6) Number of Active Users

You have a sound amount of downloads but whats the use when the majority of them are not using your app. How is this beneficial to you in achieving your ultimate agenda of revenue generation? Keep a track on how many users are actually interested in using your app on a routine basis.

7) Growth Rate of the User

This will assist in tracking the user base and then aid in making a comparison of the marketing plans, likes, and updates.

8) Rate of Retention

This metric will basically showcase the importance of the app through regular usage of the app and how often people keep coming back to the app.

9) Loading Time Taken

The time taken from the first tap to its actual use is its loading time. Users can abandon the app on the go if this time is high.

10) App Crash

App crash can drive the users away. How often the app crash and when should be taken into consideration to grow your user base. Whether it is iPhone or Android app development, the consequent crash will lead the app to the app graveyard.

11) Session Length

Session length is the interaction of the user with your app. If it is not long enough, this means users are not getting what they are searching for. This will ultimately higher the bounce rate of the app pushing the app lower in the app store.

12) Upgrade to the Paid Version

A user must be converted into the customer. This is a key factor in performance measurement. The time taken by the user to upgrade from the free version to the premium version is also essential.

Pratik Kanada
Pratik Kanada
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