Why the Real Time Monitoring is Must for Your Business

It is extremely irritating to try accessing an online site and then meet the annoying 404-page error. You can also think of the times when you try getting emails from your site, and the servers are not functional. This will no longer be a problem to you because the solution lies in real time monitoring of your sites.

For all business operations, performing real time monitoring will bring about many benefits like helping you operate efficiently. It also enables you to maximize every individual customer’s effectiveness and ensuring that all your customers get an exceptional service.

Real time monitoring is a combination of tools, software, and processes which allow team leaders and managers monitor events that are happening when their members are interacting with customers during campaigns.

Depending on the business types and transactions being handled, the use of cloud technology in the management of contacts will allow you to monitor team and individual service and KPI levels, as they take place. This data is crucial to the long-term success of business because you have knowledge of what is happening at all times between your employees and customers.

Why Use Real Time Monitoring?

When you have a vision of all events happening in the company will help you improve service levels, respond to issues quickly, and helps you identify possible problems in the system that could impact your customer’s experience.

Since data management is cloud based, all contact data for clients is obtained and stored securely regardless of the used channel. You will be able to access this information at all times, from anywhere, giving you the right management data required for improving your business.

Real time monitoring also gives you an insight into the performance of your business as long as it has an integration with cloud technology like speech analytics for observing call patterns and improve the outcome of the call. A great example of this is Tcaps cloud.

Benefits Your Business Will Get from Real Time Monitoring

Employee Productivity

A continuous monitoring process increases the overall productivity of employees. Since the risk of a network downtime is low, employees will get enough time to complete their tasks and communicate on time. The networked monitoring system will counter check all transfers of data from the business thus assisting in preventing unauthorized data transfer.


In case your server has a problem of preventing email delivery, you may get an exposure to losing valuable opportunities and business meetings that will not have time for waiting for you. As long as you possess real time monitoring, you will be able to access emails immediately, and delays will not be in your diary. You will be able to check your status by use of SMTP, IMAP, or POP3 protocols. Your mail system will remain in a prime condition.


In the event you have a commercial site, your site has to be up at all times. Monitoring comes to play during down times to help in identifying and rectifying all unfolding problems. The consequences will be your customers getting bored and purchasing from another seller. Real time monitoring will assist in optimizing manufacturing, customer services, and your sales decision-making.


Real-time monitoring is crucial for your site when it is in its beta or infancy stages of testing. It is essential to make those changes and tweaks that will turn your site into a great site. Real-time monitoring of the server will help in capturing and analyzing the feedback before it gets a chance of harming your business.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.



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