All the Reasons Why Your Staff Needs To Go Through a Cyber Security Training [Infographic]

No matter how successful you might be in your business, everything can turn to dust in a second. How? If important business files of your company end up in wrong hands, your years-long efforts can go to waste.

The solution to preventing such a scenario from happening is learning more about cyber security. Unfortunately, it’s not enough if you are the only one from your company with the awareness of online security threats – in order to keep your business safe, you need each member of your team go through a cyber security training.

If you’re still not convinced that this type of training is what your employees need in order to ensure the cyber security of the entire business, then you ought to keep on reading. Here are a few more reasons why cyber security training is a must.

Reason No.1: Cyber Attacks Happen All the Time

The fact that over 4,000 hacker attacks on businesses are reported every day shows that there’s a big chance that your company is next. As your business grows bigger and more successful, the probability that your company will catch an eye of a cyber criminal will grow larger as well. And if that happens, you’re doomed, unless each of your employees knows how to spot a security threat.

Reason No.2: Nobody’s Safe

Most cyber criminals aren’t modern-day Robin Hoods; they attack everyone, regardless of the kind of business the company’s dealing with. You would think that hackers target banks and big corporations, but the fact is that the highest number of security breaches happens in the healthcare sector. Even non-profits that provide humanitarian work are their target.

Reason No.3: Hacking Techniques are Getting More Sophisticated

With good cyber security software on your employees’ computers, cyber criminals won’t be able to just hack in your company’s system. Instead, they will try to trick one of your staff to let them in. How? By using advanced phishing methods. They may send an email to your employee from a seemingly legit address and once they open it, they will open the doors to your classified business data.

Reason No.4: People are Reckless by Nature

An experiment done with USBs dropped at random locations gave a worrying glimpse into human nature. A majority of people who found those USBs, had just plugged them in their computers without thinking of any security risks. The thing is that such devices may contain all kinds of malware that could cause severe security problems.

Reason No.5: Cyber security Training Really Work

If you think you can learn everything about cyber security with the help of Google or YouTube, you’re being very, very wrong. And it can cost your company dearly. The experience has shown that the companies that understand the importance of cyber security courses are dramatically more immune to hacking attacks than those who think otherwise. You need your employees to get their knowledge from real experts with years of experience in this niche.

Hopefully, after reading all this you understand the risks that your company is under if each member of your team doesn’t have the knowledge needed to recognize and deal with online security threats. If you would like to learn more on this subject, take a look at the infographic below from EveryCloud Spam Filtering.

Cyber Security Training Infogrpahic

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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