Select the Best Color Combination for Your Website in 2020

So you’re building a website or are in the process of revamping one that has been around for a while. The rules have changed!

Today’s websites are bolder and brighter and are not focused around colors that are considered “safe.” Logos as well as websites can present the brand in an engaging and effective way. The designing of websites has always been about bringing the brand to the forefront. Color has become an effective tool is making a lasting impression and helping others know what your brand is about.

For example, a popular soft drink with a large younger audience uses bright red in their logo and advertising. Another one that is considered a competitor uses red and blue. Bold and bright is the name of the game in a brand aimed at the young and the celebrating.

Emotions Lead the Way

Using psychology when it comes to color, choose a palette that conveys your business. It is one of the most important factors in design. The following are some accepted colors and their emotional range:

  • Red – power, importance and energy
  • Orange – uniqueness, friendliness, energy, sunshine
  • Yellow – enthusiasm, happiness, cheer
  • Green – financial stability, environmental awareness, growth, stability
  • Blue – safety, calmness, reliability, association with water
  • Purple – mystery, uniqueness, romance (lighter), royalty and wealth
  • Black – edginess, power, mystery, sophistication

White is often used to portray cleanliness, purity and spirituality. Grey can be formal, neutral or represent melancholy. Ivory is often used to present formality and sophistication as well as elegance.

Understanding Your Brand

Websites from an already established brand will take their colors from that branding. If you are just starting, thinking about your brand and what it means to convey is the first step.

Considering the color scheme is important to a new brand. Logo design as well as website design may reflect a certain mood. What is your target market? An older demographic might have larger type faces as well as colors that contrast. A younger demographic might call for more vibrant colors and a palette that will keep them engaged, possibly with a playful attitude.

If you are stumped when it comes to colors, you might consider one of the helpful online color palette generators.

Some Examples of Colors in Design

Joe Smith has a website for an environmental company that hopes to become a bigger business in the future. He decides on a palette using different shades of blue, along with white. Using a darker shade of blue can create a feeling of trust and security and is often used by corporations, which Joe aspires to for his small but growing company.

On the other hand, Tom and Greta Smith love bright and bold colors. Inheriting his father’s mortuary business, Tom decides to revamp the website, adding reds and yellows as dominant colors. He and Greta wonder why their phone does not ring and their inbox is empty, except for families of long time customers who seldom look at their website.

Joe and Mindy Jones are opening a landscaping business and have chosen brown, green and whites as their main palette. This will bring the feeling of the earth to those looking for the right landscaper. Joe has already had a logo designed; it uses browns, beige and green accents.

Things to Consider

You might consider that you want your website to work for all who use it. Color blind users might appreciate contrast between elements on the site and the background. There are contrast checkers available online to check the contrast.

When selecting the best color combination for your website in the new year of 2020, you may wish to use s color generator. In any case, you will want to know your brand as well as your audience in order to choose colors that are effective and convey a modern feeling. (Unless your company stands for staid and timeless tradition or the antiques trade.) Again, it’s all in knowing your brand and audience.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.



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