Want to Create a Professional Logo? Then Avoid These Mistakes


In this era of technology and communication, standing out with your business is a must. In order to do this, you need to have a logo that customers will remember and identify on the spot.

How can you do that, you wonder? Well, when creating a logo, here are some common mistakes you should definitely avoid.

Bad typography

Typography is a defining characteristic in the design of a logo, and there are rules you should follow such as keeping it simple to convey your idea, avoid using more than two fonts or weights. This will help make the logo more legible and recognisable. Don’t forget to also check spacing and sizing.

Wrong choice of font

Font choice is one of the most important decisions regarding logo making. As such, it should not be taken lightly. When you make a logo, take your time to look for the right font for your project. 

Select a few, and then reduce your selection when you find the one that suits your style. You should find a balance between font and icon so neither is drawing all the attention. You may need to buy, alter or even create a font from scratch.

When you choose, consider how the font would work with the brand identity as a whole. It will make all the difference. Although it may not look like it, fonts have personality and convey a mood. Pair an icon with the right font and you will have a fresh logo, pair it with the wrong font and it will look dated.

More is actually less

It is often said that less is more. This also applies to logos. A simple design will be recognisable. Simple, but not excessively abstract. You also don’t want to fall for the common initials cliché. It’s not easy to transmit your message through monograms, no matter how brilliant an idea it may seem.

Your logo has to stand out; it has to have something to make it special. A simple logo will be remembered and also more easily adapted to work in various media, from a pin to a poster.

Colour and special FX as defining factors

Colour should not be what makes a logo stand out. If that is the case, the logo won’t work when you have to display it with no colour or with just one tone.

Think of the logo in a black and white environment first. Adding colour should be the last step. The same thing applies to special effects. Try your logo out to see if its identity remains unaffected.

Raster images

Raster images are made out of pixels, which means they cannot be scaled to any size because they will be pixelated, thus unusable. When you create a logo, you cannot know in advance in which sizes you will need to use it.

That is why vector graphics should always be used to create a logo. Mathematically precise points are what a vector graphic is made of. This ensures that a logo can be scaled without compromising the quality. A logo made with vector graphics will be consistent throughout all media and all sizes.

Copying designs

Obvious as it seems, and odd as it may be to point this out, it is all too common. Apart from being illegal and unethical, it beats the purpose of creating an original logo. You want to be unique, not caught for stealing a design, right?

Using a logo Maker

Technology in the logo space has giving rise to the online logo maker  these are tools that create logos using computers not designers, and while these products have their place, they are don’t produce unique logos. 

If want a logo to be unique, then it’s best to avoid logo makers. You can get a better (unique) logo designed by using a professional who can design a logo that is tailored for your specific business type, and personality. 

Now that you have these tips, go ahead and start designing. Remember they are just for guidance, not a strict regulation. Let your creativity loose.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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