PPC Is Here To Stay, And Here’s Why! (Stats And Facts About PPC) [Infographics]


It has never been tougher to stand out online and make a difference as the internet is nowadays packed with boldly designed and written content and ads. However, we may be optimistic because of the incredible tools at our disposal, years of digital marketing-related research in our sleeves, and a constant influx of products and services that need to be marketed digitally.

PPC, or Pay-per-Click, is among the first models of online marketing, and it works quite simply. Essentially, every time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays the publisher a specific amount of money that had been previously set. The concept is fair for both sides and guarantees success across the board.

Even though this is the oldest online marketing technique, it still dominates the e-marketing world. PPC is commonly used for most industries to this day due to its relevance and applicability in both browser-based and specialized apps. You’ll find more details and stats in the info-graphic below.

Let’s check now its main features and advantages in 2019 and beyond.

The Most Intriguing PPC Facts And Stats To Know In 2019 – Editor’s Choice

  • The first recorded use of PPC ads came from Google and Planet Oasis back in 1996, initiated as a Stanford University research project.
  • In 2014, Google and Facebook put their stamp on digital marketing domination with their respective ad campaigns and marketing solutions. Google launched Enhanced Campaigns, while Facebook put out Facebook Ads.
  • Globally, some 45% of all small businesses choose to actively partake in PPC advertising so that they could reach new business goals. 
  • Google is, without a doubt, dominant in digital marketing, with 1.2 million businesses and more than a million websites entrusting their entire digital marketing campaigns to the search engine giant.
  • More than 78% of global marketers report that they fully rely on Google Ads for their marketing campaigns.
  • On average, every $1 spent for Google Ad campaigns earns more than $2.
  • Sponsored search results gain about 1.5 times more conversions through clicks than organic search content. Even more importantly, paid ads represent some 65% of all clicks from people who are searching for specific things to buy. 


Many companies are putting in enormous efforts into generating organic traffic to their websites. However, PPC was, in many cases, a much better option for brands than SEO due to the direct approach and purpose of this digital marketing method. It produces higher traffic, more sales for the advertiser, and more clicks for the publisher. There is no need for unnecessary efforts.

Even though SEO is important in the world of digital marketing, there are ways around it. A case study compared SEO’s and PPC’s overall conversion rates for a company making cleaning products, and the results were somewhat surprising. Namely, the general conversion rate for the website’s traffic based on SEO activity was 1.61%. For PPC traffic, the number was about 5.5 times higher – 8.913%.

Making The Right Choices

Different people enjoy seeing different ads. Text ads still take the biggest part of the cake with a success rate of 49%, as people are most likely to click on them. Text ads are followed by shopping ads (their CTR being 31%). After them come branded ads at 26%, while video ads still have an enviable CTR (click-through rate) of about 16%.

The key to a successful campaign is being active. For instance, Search Engine Land advises that marketers should spend at least 20 minutes by optimizing their Google Ads accounts to reach desired results. It is also vital to reach an above-average Quality Score at one point, since it is twice as worth today than four years ago, according to WordStream’s report.

What The Future Brings

Some important things that will take over in the future are already gaining massive popularity and success as we speak. Machine learning, for example, is making enormous progress on a daily basis. About 30,000 PPC accounts running machine learning have partaken in a three-month survey, which reported that 62% of these gained a major conversion rate increase.

Voice search was not as popular throughout the last decade as it is today. The rising popularity is due to incredible efforts to make the speech-to-text conversion perfect. The efforts have most certainly paid off – more than half of all searches on major search engines will be conveyed by voice. 

Bottom Line

PPC has been here for a long time and is not going anywhere. As a dominant digital marketing medium, people will certainly get to implement it into most online platforms, enabling customers everywhere to reach the product they consider buying in the most simple, fastest way.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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