Tinder Super Like – How to Super Like and Undo Super Like on Tinder

Looking for the guide about what actually Tinder Super like is? Do you want to know how you can hit Tinder Super Like to someone or you want to Undo that Super Like. Read out this comprehensive guide.

What is Tinder Super Like?

Tinder Super Like is the feature added to Tinder app which was initially launched in Australia and showed remarkable and surprising outcomes and now spreading its trend worldwide. Super like is a blue star icon that appears when someone visits Tinder profile of someone. It is a feature in which by swiping up “Super Like” or just tapping the blue star button users have pre-defined choices to swipe right for approval of the request and swipe left for rejection.

Before Super Like, the two users will be considered “matched” and can chat if they both swipe right on each other profile. In this case, one does not know whether the other person has swiped right on his or her Tinder profile until he or she has done the same. But the Super Like option will enable users to see during searching if a user has already “super liked” them.

Tinder App Super Like
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What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app that needs location permission to enable social interaction between users of collective understanding, letting concordant users chat. In general, it’s a dating app but has developed to facilitates more features which make it exceptional from other dating or social media app. Tinder is becoming addictive and slowly turning out to be subject to additional undesirable attention on social media by opposite genders, where they find thousands of matches daily. Online dating, chatting and meeting with someone new who you know by default likes you as well has always been excited. For using Tinder app you have to connect your Tinder profile with Facebook. You can also use Tinder without Facebook by some tweaks. Due to several reason it is recommend to use Tinder App without attaching with Facebook.

How to Super Like Someone on Tinder

If you interested in someone and want to “Super Like” them on Tinder, it can be easily done. All you need to do is “Swipe up or just tap the blue star icon when looking at someone’s Tinder profile.”

This means you Super Like them. The uniqueness of this feature is that the person who is being super liked by your profile can see that you Super Liked him or her letting them know that now you can interact straight away if they hit you “Like” too.

The person you Super Liked will then respond when your profile appears and choose whether to accept or reject, there will be the bright blue star icon, fluorescing that you Super Liked. And when he or she does swipe right on your Super Like, it will be an instant match!

This Tinder feature “Super Like” is only allowed for once in a day with a free Tinder account. Tinder Plus Paying subscribers are permitted up to five Super Likes per day.

How to Undo Tinder Super Like

Once you like, dislike, or super like that is it. There is no rule which states that if you match, you must be remain matched. Let someone swipes up or pressed the blue star button unintentionally, or they accidentally swiped up a Super Like is sent.

Don’t be desperate if you want to undo your unintentional Super Like.

By upgrading your free account to Tinder Plus, you can undo one super like daily.
A Yellow arrow will appear on Tinder Plus users.

“To undo Tinder Super Like, just tap that (the retract option) and the last Super Like gets reverted as if it never liked.”

Undo Tinder Super Like

It will give you back your Super Like. But remember it is only available for your most recent Super Like. But sometimes it doesn’t work because the person might not have seen the notification.

Unfortunately, it is unavailable for the users having the free version of Tinder. For this, you must wait for at least twelve hours to get another Super Like to your account.

Find out if someone Hit Tinder Super Like to you

When someone has hit Super Like, or swipe up on your Tinder profile, it is prominent while you are swiping through other profiles to find a perfect match:

  • When someone is watching a person’s profile on Tinder, at the down side of your Tinder app you will see the bright blue star at the center. This indicates that the person has given you a Super Like.
  • On swiping right on the Super Liker’s profile, then both will become abrupt matches. Then they can enter into the private chat box and get things started with Super Liker.

If someone is a paid Tinder application user, he or she will receive five Super Likes per day to use according to his or her wishes.

It’s a free advice to be selective and keep your Super Like for someone special, deserving and for someone you will have a chance of attracting back, so you don’t waste your Tinder Super Like.


It is one of the Tinder fact that Tinder app has numerous male and female waiting for each other to respond. If you play fair in life and life will play fair too. Tinder is not the best replacement of Dating of Real Life. This means that being a human and a responsible person in every aspect of life you should step out from your shell and working up the balls to approach glowing beauty passing you in the park. She would like you if you do so, her 10,000 matches will not be in your competition. I challenge…!

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